Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fridge Magnets

My fridge magnet fairy went gallivanting again (lucky him!) and picked up some fridge magnets again for his beloved girl on this side of the world :-)

From the magnificent kingdom of Thailand, here're two magnets:

 I was in Phi Phi Island couple of years ago through a stopover from Krabi. I remember speaking to some of the island residents who shared with me their harrowing experience surviving the 2001 tsunami that wiped out a a big portion of Phi-Phi Island.

Haven't been to Siam Ocean World, but would love to go during my next trip to Bangkok, whenever that may be. According to my fridge magnet fairy, Siam Ocean World rocks!

Since hiking is something I like to do, maybe I should consider conquering snow capped Mount Fuji. But let's complete Nepal first starting next weekend.

And lastly, two magnets from the home of the fairy himself:

Whenever I hear the name Georgia, it reminds me of a blind man in sunglasses and a very cool song. Go figure.

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