Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 ... What an Incredible Year!

Took up Salsa and Bachata
Started lessons after TC introduced these dances to me. Now I go dancing minimum twice a week and it's a great feeling to be able to do that. Salsa and bachata songs rocks!

Moved to City Centre
I got meself a new pad, renovated it and moved my body, heart and soul there in September. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made as location, location, location is everything. Now I can walk to almost everywhere - Sungai Wang Plaza, Lot 10, Pavilion and Suria KLCC. 

My new pad, unfinished at that time.

Changed Jobs
After 3.5 years in an IT company, I went back to work for a previous company albeit in a different position. Best part is that my office is only a 10-minute walk from my new pad. Life is indeed blissful.

Underwent a Surgical Operation (for the first time)
Upon returning from Phuket in September, a freaking lump started growing beside my thyroid. It became so big that it can be seen moving up and down my throat each time I swallowed.

So I did a scan and the doctor said it's a cystic colloid. He recommended surgery to remove the darn thing and I gladly agreed. Now I have a scar below my neck to live with.

Snapped this pic after I woke up from general anaesthetic.

Didn't go anywhere exotic or jaw dropping this year. Only places I visited were Redang, Railay and Phuket. Gosh, can you see a pattern here? Oh yeah, I also did some nude sunbathing in Railay for the first time.

Beautiful Redang

I'll be going to the Mulu Caves tomorrow for some adventure. It's a good end to the year and I'm hoping to catch Abe Lincoln's silhouette in the Deer Cave and watch some bats fly around. 

I wish you and your family a great 2014. The best is yet to come!

Sweden ... South Korea ... Sarawak ... Fridge Magnets ...

My sister (that lucky gal) was gallavanting in these countries for work recently.

This Scandinavian country is where the pop group Abba comes from. And they gave us hits like Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Take a Chance on Me and all the hits from the movie, Mamma Mia!

This is a Dala Horse. You can read about it here.

After gallavanting in Sweden, my sister crossed oceans to the far east - South Korea!

The hanbok is the traditional costume of South Korea. Not too sure though whether it's unisex.

Apart from my sister travelling, Angie was also in Kuching and she brought me this:

The hornbill is the national bird of Sarawak. Beside the hornbill is the rafflesia flower which is the biggest flower in the world according to Guinness. And I heard it stinks like hell.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Fridge Magnets

During my trip to Phuket in September, LM wanted to visit the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) there to get a t-shirt.

While looking at the famous HRC memorabilia in the store, I got myself a guitar shaped HRC fridge magnet cum bottle opener:

This piece of beauty had inspired me to start a collection of these iconic Hard Rock Cafe fridge magnets. I could have chosen to collect HRC's legendary pins instead, but I'm more of a fridge magnet person :-)

After coming back from Phuket, I went to the Kuala Lumpur HRC to get myself this:

And Sura who went to the United Kingdom recently got me this:

I love these colourful, iconic lovelies :-)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pics of My New Pad

Living Room

I love my broken marble floor. The contractor told me that I need to use specific mopping liquid for marble and terrazo flooring. Otherwise my marble flooring would lose it's shine and the RM 650 that I spent to polish it would be wasted.

Pardon Thomas who sort of photo bombed the pic on the left. Apart from driving me crazy at times, this gem of a guy drove me to the store to get items for the condo before the contractor started work. Thomas was tired by time we dropped off the stuff at the condo and was too lazy to get out of the pic when I snapped it :-)


As you can see from the pics, I changed the tiles for the entire bathroom including the water cistern, basin and mirror. I ain't gonna be putting my bum on a used water cistern :-)

I also removed the bath tub because the bathroom is freaking small and I needed the space.

Look at the Before pic and notice the horrible pipe that runs at the back of the water cistern and out the window. My contractor repiped it without me telling him to do it. It's much neater now. I love it when people know what to do without me telling them.

And here is the favourite part of my bathroom:

That rain shower is worth every single cent of the RM 710 that I paid for it. This price includes the shower hear, arm, mixer, etc.

Initially I was thinking twice about spending so much for a shower head but the contractor explained that my condo uses a boiler system instead of the usual water heater that is fixed to the wall. Since a boiler system heats up water till boiling temperature, I needed to get a quality shower head that can stand the extreme heat.

I've always wanted a shower system like the ones you find in 4-star or 5-star hotels. And now I have it. No more ugly water heater sticking to the wall.

And water that gushes from a rain shower especially when you're tired ... is just so relaxing.


I removed the carpet flooring because it was freaking musty and smelled really bad. Now I have a lovely wooden laminated flooring where I can practice my salsa spins ;-)

The curtains were actually left behind by the previous owner. I just washed it and it looked good as new. Save me lots of cash there if I had to get new ones.

All in all, the renovation works went smoothly, albeit off schedule for about 2 weeks. But I didn't harass my contractor to speed things up 'cause I didn't want him to do a half par six job.

And indeed he did a great job which costs me only a fraction of the market price. You won't believe it if I tell you the price. Would blow your mind!

Settling In

Now that I've moved into my new pad, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I now walk everywhere - to my work place which is only 10-minutes away, to the store, the mall, salsa clubs, etc.

I don't understand the meaning of traffic jams anymore, hahaha.

And I can finally say good riddance to the freaking RapidKL buses who are perpetually good for nothing.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Four Major Events in Two Weeks

This was what I had been up to during the last 2 weeks of September:

20 September - Last day in my job after 3.5 years in the organisation. Was planning to stay on till at least 5 years, but as the saying goes: People make plans but God decides.

23 September - Moved house. I dislike packing and moving cause it's tedious and tiring. The challenge is to fit 930 sq ft of stuff into 581 sq ft.

25 September - Went to Phuket for 4 nights and 5 days. Did the whole Phuket works again: Ping pong show, Simon Caberet, island hopping, lazing on the beach, listening to live bands on Bangla Road, temple visits, etc. Phuket is one place I don't mind visiting over and over again.

1 October - Joined a new company which is only a 10-min walk from my new condo. This new job sort of fell onto my lap and I thank God for His blessings. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Last Last Works in Condo

I was on leave yesterday to supervise the Welco contractors install my built-in wardrobe. The team consists of 2 guys - an elderly guy in his 60s and his apprentice, a guy in his 20s. 

When they arrived 30 min late at 11.40am, I asked the older guy how long would it take to complete the installation. He said since it's a simple job, would take approximately 2 hours. I was happy coz I had arranged for the Serta mattress delivery guys to deliver my bed around 2.00pm. 

By around 1.00pm, I noticed that the cupboard was definitely not gonna be installed by 2.00pm. Reason is because the contractors were just bloody lazy, especially the younger guy who just sat and watched the older guy work. There were a few times I heard them quarrelling about the way they were installing the wardrobe. He also had the cheek to ask whether he could use my UniFi broadband and borrow my Nokia charger! I obliged with the UniFi but didn't have my Nokia charger with me at that time. 

Seeing that the work schedule had been bursted, I called up Serta mattress to delay the delivery till around 4.00pm. And then I told the contractors to hurry up. Thankfully they completed around 4.30pm and the Serta mattress delivery guys came at 5.15pm. 

And thus the last of the contractors have completed their works.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Condo Updates

17 August 2013 - Guy from Welco came to measure the space for my built-in wardrobe.

19 August 2013 - Connie from Simple Pleats & Decor came to measure my windows to install blinds. Because I'm lazy, I chose the type of material that has the least maintenance and only requires a wipe to get rid of the dirt :-)

20 August 2013 - Went to Welco kitchen to finalise the design for my built-in wardrobe. Chose the darker shade of melamine board to match my kitchen cabinet :-)

24 August 2013 - Went to the Sen Heng branch in Ampang to buy a Sony Bravia 46-inche LED television including a Sony DVD. Reason I chose Sen Heng was because I wanted to utilise my Maybank Treatpoints. Only sad part is that Maybank had changed the conversion to 250 points for every Ringgit. Previously it was 200 points for every Ringgit. So I paid RM2,564 in cash and the balance was offsetted by the Treatpoints.

29 August 2013 - Delivery of my beloved TV and DVD player. After the delivery guys left my place and I started playing with my new toys, I realised that the tag behind my TV states LCD when I had paid for an LED. I called up Sen Heng and apparently for that model, both the LED and LCD uses the same platform, wth does that mean. I also checked the Sony website and yes, they are both the same, wth. That night I watched Lord of the Rings (The Return of the King) on DVD because I didn't have a television line yet.

30 August 2013 - TM guys came to install my UniFi and HyppTV. My internet connection is now superfast and the programmes on HyppTV makes me glued to the sofa for many hours :-) On that same day in the afternoon, the contractors came to install my blinds. Now my neighbours can't look in, especially when I walk around in my undies ;-)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Last Renovation Works

Been neglecting updates on my new place. Anyway, here goes:

5 August 2013 - Contractors laid the skirting for the entire condo. I must say that my contractor really knows how to choose the skirting tiles. Really matches the broken marble!

6 August 2013 - Polishing of broken marble flooring is the last of the renovation works. Now I can see my own reflection on the floor! However to maintain the shine, I must use cleaning liquid for terrazzo flooring. If I use any other ordinary floor cleaner, the shine will fade.

7 August 2013 - The contractor dropped by my office to inform me of the costs (and to hand me back the keys). Total renovation costs was less than RM10,000 (including accessories and parts). I'm a happy condo owner :-)

8 August 2013 - Since it was the Hari Raya Aidifitri hols, I brought my entire family to see the condo. They didn't see it pre renovation, so they can't compare the dramatic transformation post renovation. Anyway, they're very impressed with the location, as what 100% of people have commented when they see it. Location, location, location - that's the mantra when buying a property.

13 August 2013 - Went to Welco Kitchen in Taman Dagang to make a RM500 booking for my built-in wardrobe. The guy is gonna come measure the space tomorrow and installation is set on 4 September 2013. I asked whether they could install earlier, but their schedule is full. Apparently they have 6 installations a day and the earliest they can install my wardrobe is 4 September 2013. I'm thinking of moving in first and then only install the wardrobe.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Productive Day at Condo

I was on leave today to supervise the Inovar Flooring guys install my Burmese Teak flooring :-) Only 3 handymen, and the job was done in 1.5 hours. I was impressed!

As I mentioned before, I like to kill as many birds as possible with one stone. So I arranged for Ikea to deliver and install the furniture today too. They came about 3.30pm and completed assembling the Ektorp 3-seater sofa and the Hemnes television bench in 30 minutes.

Now that the renovations is almost completed, I feel that I need to put skirting on the walls in the living room. Now it looks kinda bare and incomplete.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My New Place (Part 2)

Here are some more updates on my condo renovations.

25 July 2013 -- Painting works have commenced in the bedroom.
-- Dragged Raj Boy to the Inovar Flooring showroom in Jalan Penchala to choose the type of flooring. Burmese Teak it is!

26 July 2013 -- Made 80% payment to Inovar Flooring via Maybank2u. This needs to be done before they install the flooring, which has been scheduled on Friday, 2 August 2013.

27 July 2013 -- Dragged Angie to Ikea for some serious shopping. I got myself an Ektorp 3-seater sofa and a Hemnes television bench.

When I purchased the same Ikea sofa about 5 years ago, I just had to mention which sofa I wanted, pay for it and they would deliver to my house. This time I had to go to the storage area, look for the sofa, place it on my trolley, roll it to the cashier to make payment and finally roll it to the delivery counter for delivery. Have you seen how big a 3-seater sofa is? Thankfully the Ikea staff were around to help us do the lifting. Delivery date and assembly is on Friday, 2 August 2013 together with Inovar Flooring installation. I like to kill many birds with one stone :-)

28 July 2013 -- Went to check on the renovations. The Nippon Lilly White colour that the contractor suggested turned out more yellowish than white. Sigh ... I had wanted a white effect to make my tiny condo look bigger, but not pure white. So the contractor suggested Lilly White. Now I have to live with yellow for the next couple of years.

More to come soon ...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Bathroom Tiling

I went to see the newly laid bathroom tiles this evening after work.

The contractor had told me earlier that the tiles look lovely and I had to see it for myself. I returned home a happy girl :-)

When I went tile hunting, I was worried that my choice of tiles, especially the colour and texture, would not jive. But it did, yeah!

I took a picture of the newly laid tiles with my mobile phone, but I can't download it to my lappy. I'll definitely post pics of the whole place when it's fully completed with furniture and all.

Next, I need to choose the type of laminated wood flooring for the bedroom. There are many choices and I hope I make the right one. Of course the pricing would be one of the deciding factors as I'm on a tight budget.

Stay tuned ...

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sin City - Las Vegas!

Deep in the Nevada desert lies Sin City - Las Vegas!

Vegas never sleeps and welcomes anyone and everyone ...

... with a host of activities especially its casinos where gamblers can gamble all day and night long ...

Another attraction in Vegas is Caesar's Palace ...

Caesar's Palace is named after Julius Caesar, a famous dictator of the Roman Republic whose words: Veni, Vedi, Vinci (I came, I saw, I conquered) is probably the hope of all casino goers in Caesar's Palace - to conquer the casino table and win lotsa $$$.

Apart from its casinos, Caesar's Palace also has many superstars performing shows. Looking at its website, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain are currently performing there.

Do you know that Malaysian diva, Anita Sarawak also performed in Caesar's Palace before?


Last Tuesday I went to watch The Lone Ranger with Larry simply because Johnny Depp is one of his favourite actors.

Halfway through the movie, the screen went black but the sound was still working. After two attempts at repairing the movie reel (I assume it's a movie reel), we were still looking at a black screen. So we decided to get a refund on our tickets which TGV KLCC gladly did. 

Since I didn't watch the movie in totality, I don't think I'll watch it again because I'd need to watch the first half all over again, hahaha. I think I'll watch Pacific Rim or The Wolverine instead.

Note: The fridge magnets displayed in this entry were picked up by Art the Fridge Magnet Fairy who was in Sin City and The Lone Star State recently for work.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

My New Place

In December 2012, I viewed a condo in the heart of KL city, fell in love with it and made an offer. Since the seller (who is American) was desperate to dispose off his unit, I managed to bargain down the price a little [(happy :-)].

After the average 6 months of completing the entire process of owning a property, i.e. engaging a lawyer, looking for a bank loan with the best rates, preparing the Sales & Purchase agreement, etc. I finally got the keys on 19 June 2013. 

For the past few weeks I had been busy looking for a contractor to renovate the unit and sourcing for interior deco ideas. 

The challenge is moving from 930 sq ft to 581 sq ft. I've started learning to live with less ... 

Here's a chronology of events that happened after I got the keys:

5 July -- Followed contractor to choose tiles, WC, rain shower, etc. Brought mum and bro along for second opinion. The shops were in Klang coz it's my hometown and things are cheaper there compared to KL :-)
-- Stopped by Homme Basics in Subang Jaya to get my favourite towel holder. This seems to be the only place selling it!
-- Lawrence from Inovar Floor came to measure my bedroom to provide a quotation. I had already booked the offer prices and paid a RM500 deposit during HOMEDEC in KLCC couple of months ago.
-- Paid RM1,000 renovation deposit (refundable) to condo management. This is standard procedure for anyone who wants to renovate their unit. I also had to provide them with the names and IC numbers of the contractors. 
-- Paid RM3,000 deposit to contractor.
-- Collected cupcakes from Gerald (NomNom KL). I need to reward myself after all the hard work :-)

7 July -- Dragged TC to Houz Depot to look for a ceiling fan (with lights) for the bedroom, mirror cabinet for the bathroom, foldable stools and chairs, etc. Spent RM855.30.
(Note: Having a credit card is extremely useful in situations where I need to make large ticket items like the items I bought from Houz Depot. But of course I need to be disciplined and pay it off in total each month to avoid interest charges. There are numerous credit cards in the market and to see which one suits you best, click here.

8 July -- Renovation works commenced. The contractors are starting with the bathroom coz it's where the major works are. I'm removing the bathtub (I don't use it and the bathroom is bloody small) and replacing the wall & floor tiles, WC and sink. 

14 July -- A neighbour brought her church friend to collect my old clothes, bags, writing notebooks, mugs, etc. for charity. Need to clear up lots of stuff before I move.
-- Went to Kian Classic to enquire for a built-in wardrobe. The salesman told me that they need about 1 month to install the wardrobe. I think I'll look for another supplier.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

I'll post pics once the renovation is completed.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Pleasant Stay at Railay Bay Resort & Spa

There's only one word to describe Railay: AWESOME!

One of the reason the holiday was awesome was because of Railay Bay Resort & Spa.

I chose the resort simply because Groupon had an offer. Costs only RM798 for a 4D/3N stay for 2 in the Privacy Cottage with daily breakfast.

My first encounters with Railay Bay Resort & Spa were not great. First of all, our reservation was not in the system despite me making the reservation 3 months in advance via email. A few days before our trip, I called up the resort just to be sure, and that was when I found out they screwed up our reservation. Thankfully it was the low season and we were travelling on a weekday, so the Privacy Cottages were still available.

Secondly, I read many negative comments about the resort and the Privacy Cottage on Tripadvisor - that it's dirty and not well maintained, etc. So I discussed with TC and said that we would inspect the cottage first upon checking in. If it's not up to our expectation, we would ask to change cottage. Thankfully, our cottage was fine, although it's a bit rundown and could do with a refurbishment.

The Privacy Cottage certainly lives up to its name. There's a high wall surrounding each cottage that you could run around naked and no one would know :-)

Each cottage has its own jacuzzi, which is on the right of this pic. When I got home I realised I didn't take any pic of it :-(

The interior of the Privacy Cottage is spacious and woody:

I love the king sized bed!

The bathroom is big ...

 ... the shower cubicle looks rundown (which could have contributed to the negative comments on Tripadvisor):

Can sit and let the water fall on your head. Pity it was not a rainshower, or else I would have sat there for hours. And what a waste of water that would have been :-)

 This is the lane that leads to the Privacy Cottage:

Reminded me of Bali.

And this is the doorway to our Privacy Cottage:

Housekeeping would ring the doorbell every morning at around 9.30am to clean the room. We would tell them to come back later because we're on holiday and we want to sleep in, but not late enough to miss breakfast lah.

On our second night there, we couldn't get into the Privacy Cottage after dinner because the latch had accidentally fallen and bolted the door from the inside.

So me being the heroine climbed over the high walls to save the day :-)

Thank heavens my parents allowed me to climb trees when I was growing up in Port Klang. Never knew it would come in handy later on in life, hahaha.

TC pointed out that Railay Bay Resort & Spa needs to be commended for their attention to detail.

Ready in the room are a plastic mat for lazing on the beach and a torchlight which came in handy since we lazed on the beach till late and needed light to make our way back to the cottage. A rattan beach bag was also provided to carry our stuff like beach towel, camera and our other companions - Gin & Vodka, hahaha.

Who would think of bringing such stuff on a beach holiday? Moreover it would take up luggage space. But Railay Bay Resort & Spa certainly remembered to provide for their guests.

Just outside the row of Privacy Cottage is a lovely pool where we spent our afternoons lazing and reading before heading to the beach towards the evening to indulge in nude sunbathing :-)

This is the other pool at the entrance of the resort:

This pool is perpetually crowded probably because it's facing the beach.

Breakfast is served in the coffee house. The spread is good with a mixture of Asian and Western food to cater to their guests from both sides of the world.

It was nice having sea breeze in my hair while I enjoyed my breakfast.

Tables are also placed on the beach for those who want to feel the sand in their feet as they have their breakfast.

Despite the negative experiences before the trip, Railay Bay Resort & Spa turned out better than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

We had originally planned to head back to Krabi and spend our last day (4th night) there before flying back to KL. But since we were so cosy at the resort, we decided to extend our stay. We had to pay normal prices for that extra night since the Groupon voucher was only valid for 3 nights.

Railay Bay Resort & Spa will always hold fond memories for me :-)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Holy Fridge Magnets

On Page 4 of any Malaysian passport, there's a sentence that reads, 'This passport is valid for all countries except ...

But late last year, the Malaysian government had relaxed this ban. Now Malaysians can travel to Israel for up to 21 days at a time. Previously, only Malaysians on pilgrimage were allowed to enter to Israel and limited to 700 Malaysians each year, with only 40 from one church. They also also allowed to stay up to only 10 days at one time. You can read a report in The Star here.

Now that the travel ban has been lifted, I wonder whether the new Malaysian passports will still have that sentence stating that the passport is valid in all countries except Israel.

I guess Jerusalem would be the point of entry into Israel for most travellers. 

What wonders Jerusalem holds for Christians!

There's also this place in Israel called ...

... which was the location for many Biblical events which you can read here.

Across the border in Palestinian territory is ...

Whenever I think of Bethlehem, I think of Christmas and carols start playing in my head :-)

Note: The fridge magnets in this entry were from Celia who visited Israel last month. She never had to experience any travel ban into Israel because she is a Singaporean. Read all about her travels in Israel here.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Krabi Airport to Railay Beach by Public Transport

Travelling to Railay Beach by public transport is a piece of cake.

TC and I decided to DIY for the sake of a challenge (we love challenges!) and also to save money :-)

Upon arrival at Krabi airport, we took the shuttle bus to Ao Nang Pier (THB 150 per person) where boats leave for Railay Beach.

The shuttle bus journey from Krabi airport to Ao Nang Pier took about an hour. Along the way, the driver would make a few stops to drop off passengers. Ao Nang Pier is the last stop.

 If you're travelling in a group or prefer to be pampered, here is the price list to book a van/taxi:

This is the Ao Nang Pier:

Wang Sai Travel seems to be the only agent selling tickets to Railay Beach:

As you can see from the price list, the cost is only THB 100 per person. However, a minimum of 8 pax is needed before the boat moves. We only waited about 20 minutes for another 6 people to come. 

Here is the timetable and ticket price for various destinations from Krabi that was on displayed at the pier:

 Proud to see Langkawi on the list (second from bottom). 
I dread to think how long the journey must take to reach Singapore. You'll be cutting across the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, man ...

When there was enough 8 people, the boat operator called for us to board the boat.

Tip: Wear shorts and slippers since you'll be wading in thigh high water to get on and off the boat.

After about 30 minutes, we arrived on Railay Beach:

The boat guy dropped us off at the end of the beach, which was perfect since we were staying at Railay Bay Resort & Spa. So we only had to walk 2 minutes to check-in. But alas, we didn't see the sign (which was at an angle) and we walked to the other end of the beach, luggage and all. Thankfully we were travelling light.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Beijing Courtyard Houses Fridge Magnet

My colleague Marcus brought his family to Beijing and Xi'an during the recent school holidays. And he brought me this fridge magnet: 

Looks like a good place to practise kung fu ;-)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Muddy, Tough Climb to The Lagoon

The Lagoon is a hidden gem that you must explore when you're in Railay, especially if you like a good physical challenge.

Can you spot The Lagoon on the map? 

Now ... getting to The Lagoon is no joke. The climb involves getting on all fours in a rough and tumble muddy situation. At certain points, you'd need to use ropes (ready there) to haul yourself up the rocks.

Definitely not for weaklings.

Most people turn back because the climb is tough. With my phobia of ropes, especially after a bad experience in Bukit Tabur that left my elbow bleeding and confidence shaken, I kept telling myself that it's all in the mind. As what Franklin Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

After huffing, puffing and getting myself dirty, we finally reached The Lagoon. 

We removed our socks and shoes and left them together with our camera on the rocks and started wading across the lagoon. 

The water was muddy and my feet kept sinking in the mud. Half swimming and half wading did the trick for me. TC was wondering whether there were quicksands or not. 

Halfway across the lagoon, I realised that we didn't research whether the waters had snakes in it, hahaha. This is what I call kamikaze exploring. But none of us remembered reading about snakes in the blogs. 

After exploring the caves on the other side, we decided it was time to head back. 

While wading back, I realised that the water was getting deeper and my feet gradually couldn't touch the bottom. Panic set in and I quickly floated on my back - it's the easiest way to avoid drowning for a weak swimmer like me. 

So while floating on my back, I paddled my way back to the other side and realised that the water had indeed risen. Thankfully our stuff were not swept away as well. This means The Lagoon is connected to the sea and its waters rise and subside in tandem with the sea tide. It's definitely not stagnant water as what I had initially thought.

While heading back, there was a signboard that says Viewpoint. Since we came this far, why not explore this too.

So after a short walk which lacked proper signboards, we reached the Viewpoint:

Railay East and Railay West in one photo.

Despite the cuts and bruises, I was proud of myself for making it to The Lagoon, a place where most people couldn't because of its rocky terrain.

And here are my marks of achievements :-) :

I did it!

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