Monday, 31 May 2010

Batangs in the KTM Komuter Ladies Coach

I was travelling in the KTM Komuter yesterday and noticed many batangs in the Ladies Coach. Some were standing (no pun intended) and some were sitting smugly as if though they owned the Ladies Coach.

We ladies can't do anything but look at them in disgust. Nobody wants to take the risk of getting spat and shouted at if we tell these batangs to change coach. 

One lady passenger commented at the top of her voice: "IF THESE MEN CAN GET INTO THE LADIES COACH, THEY CANNOT BE GENTLEMEN AT ALL!" The guy sitting beside me was fidgeting in his seat when he heard the lady. But he didn't budge.

The only people who can get these uneducated batangs to change coach are the polis bantuan or KTM Komuter employees in uniform.

I've witnessed for myself in KL Sentral when the polis bantuan came on board the Ladies Coach and asked all the batangs to get out. And the batangs moved their asses immediately because they know the polis bantuan will belasah them if they objected.

Sometimes I wonder whether these batangs are unaware of the Ladies Coach, or are they just plain defiant.

Coaches specially for ladies have been implemented in countries like Japan and Egypt. I don't know bout Japan (cause I haven't been there), but when I was in Cairo and used the LRT frequently, I didn't see any batangs in the Ladies Coach at all. I guess the men there are more capable of following simple instructions compared to their Malaysian counterparts.

Of course not all Malaysian men are idiotic batangs who can't follow instructions. I've seen many male commuters who immediately enter the both sexes coaches when the Ladies Coach stops in front of them. Kudos to this group of commuters. To the rest of the batangs, please go for a sex change if you're so eager to sit in the Ladies Coach.

Excuse me, do you have a vagina? Then why are you sitting in the Ladies Coach?


Anonymous said...

At least you have a Ladies coach. Sad to say, our train system still caters to all the sexes - male, female, in between.

The Japan's Ladies Coach is really exclusively for ladies. The Japanese know how to abide to rules and regulations.

Personally I think it would be better to implement a ladies coach. Then perhaps sexual harassment cases may drop. I've had "accidental brushes" by guys too many times. But then again, the people here also don't bother about rules and regulations, and will still enter the coach exclusively for ladies simply because they find it troublesome to go somewhere else.

Julie Lim said...


I'm all for the Ladies Coach cause I too had my fair share of perverts on the train.

Some men have said that the Ladies Coach is being discriminating and gender bias. But in the first place, it is because of perverts that motivated the implementation of the Ladies Coach. But the men don't see women being harassed on the train as a violation of women's rights!

Queen of hearts said...

I think it's okay for batangs to ride on ladies coach..but batangs below 12 lah. LOL!
I hate ignorant idiots.

Funny that's it's called "koc wanita" in BM :/ Direct translation.

Julie Lim said...

Queen of Hearts,

Yeah I hate ignorant idiots too!

Ball Hockey said...

Yes Japan does have ladies coaches and its for certain times of the day, not the whole time it operates.

I am not sure how obedient those people are in adhering to those rules as i never went in to a ladies car yet, sorry cant be of help there. I have heard of police crackdown on groping in Japan, so they do try to manage in other ways then just segregation.

Call me sexist but i personally dont believe in segregation of cars for females only. I hate to be in a car where i have to look at men only during my commute. :-)

Julie Lim said...

Ball Hockey,

Thanks for dropping by!

The main reason for the implementation of women only coaches anywhere in the world is mainly because of groping. You don't grope a man, do you? :-)

And I think being bored looking at men only on the train is subjective. If you're a lady, you wouldn't be bored looking at women only cause you know you're safe from being groped (unless there're lesbians on board). But if you're a hot-blooded male, then you'd find the female coach more enticing ;-)

Anonymous said...

I occasionally take public transport. Ladies take what am about to say in a stride ya. I have found peak hour commutes occasionally ''pleasurable''. I would never grope a woman but I certainly don't mind being groped (that has happened ). May a time I have had ladies gyrate discreetly against my thing. Have had ladies ( and one guy ... Must be gay) press their palms or hand against my thing. Must say I miss that since the intro of an all ladies coach. Sorry ... Just offering an honest opposite perspective :p

Julie Lim said...


Thanks for your honest comment - I like :-) Your 'thing' must be bulging through your pants, otherwise those people wouldn't have groped you :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL .. Well once one is groped or aroused, the bulge would be an inevitable consequence !

Don't knw u personally but frm ur comments and my psychic abilities u appear amicable, magnanimous, sporting, broad minded, gr8 sense of humour, fun spirited and if I may add probably sexy ! Heh ! Cheers !.

Julie Lim said...


I'm flattered with your choice of words to describe me! You made my day, thanks a million :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie. Glad to have made ur day ... " bump" into u some day ... eh ... dun la always use ladies coach ...hehe ... kidding :p

Anonymous said...

Nisha said...

I am a frequent traveller to Malaysia and KL is like second home to me.

This time I happened to board a train to Seremban which had a ladies coach. I must say, I was pleased. Ladies looked relaxed and gentlemen quite envied. :) But they did not try to cross over & come to our (ladies) coach.

Good for us travellers as well.

P.S.- Enjoyed very much the conversation between you & anonymous. :D

P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ? My blogger id will take you nowhere.
Below is my URL.

Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

Julie Lim said...

Hi Nisha,

Glad you had a pleasant experience in the KTM Komuter female coach :-)

I've enabled the Name/URL option for posting comments in my blog. Thanks for pointing it out!

Nisha said...

Thank you very much. Terima Kasih.

Now I can comment whenever I want to. :-)

The Bulge said...

Hiya Julie ... and Nisha .... I remember visiting this post and contributing a comment or 2 a while back. I am anonymous above. Nisha ... u r spot-on with ur envy comment. How nice if i were one of the ladies hugged up with the others ... oh well .... a fantasy indulgence is no crime is it ... heh !

Hotel Phuket Thailand said...

Thank you very much for shared your article.

Julie Lim said...

Hotel Phuket Thailand,

Thank you for dropping by. I'm glad you found the article useful :-)

ady said...

I really hate to see these "batangs" in KTM Ladies the symbol of the ladies coach not clear?When it's stated there no men allowed, tht means i don't expect to cover myself when nursing.Any man who comes in the ladies coach again..i will throw my shoes or give him a slap on his face!!

Nisha said...

Please do that on your next journey. :-)
Others will learn a lesson. Don't have to keep quiet all the time.

Julie Lim said...


See ... Nisha and I support you. These fellows needs a good whack on the head!

Dion Shohal said...

In India we have about 4 or 5 CISF (central industrial security force) personnel on the every subway train,these guys are armed with some sort of rifle and side arms.
There's no question of a man sticking his finger into the ladies compartment, they can be arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including sexual assault, harassment etc. However you look at it the guy can go to jail and get his life messed up!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Dion,

It's a good thing India has that in place to keep things in order. Otherwise why have the female coach if guys can get in there, right?

Now, only if Malaysia have security personnel ready to arrest these guys who try to be funny, I'd be a happy gal!

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