Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Desperate Headhunters

Since we're on the topic of headhunters, let me continue by telling you a story of how some headhunters resort to get candidates for their clients.

In my previous employment, a headhunter called up the Corporate Communications (Corp Comm in short) department looking for the person in-charge of Corp Comm. She introduced herself as a "conference organiser" who wants to promote a Corp Comm conference to the person in-charge of Corp Comm in my company.

When the departmental secretary put her through to me, the secretary explained to me briefly about what the "conference organiser" wanted.

When we finally connected, the "conference organiser" told me she's a headhunter and asked if I would be interested in exploring a Corp Comm position with another company. I was irritated at the way she lied her way through and I politely told her I was not interested.

Do you think that was a correct way for headhunters to look for candidates?

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