Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Eating leftovers at McD

I suddenly had a craving for McD after work last Monday. So I headed to its outlet on Jalan Sultan Ismail in Bukit Bintang.

I had my regular Big Mac Value Set and added a chocolate sundae this time because it was end of the year and I deserve to reward myself :-)

When my Big Mac Value Meal was ready, I headed upstairs where there were more seats to tuck into my food.

I noticed a family sitting opposite me who had finished their meal and were getting up to leave.

Just as they left, 3 male youth dressed all in black, hip-hop style, swopped down onto the table and started eating fries that have been leftover by the family. They even dranked the soft drink that was left behind.

Then the youths moved to another table to wait for the next customer to leave so that they could continue eating leftovers. However the place was relatively full on that day and they had to leave.

The foreign worker who wanted to clear the table just stared at them. I guess he must have been surprised like me.

What irked me about the incident was the aggression of the 3 youths. When they had finished eating the leftovers, they threw the packaging aggressively onto the table leaving a mess. Then they walked around the outlet with such aggression that I thought they wanted to hit somebody. Were they behaving in such a manner because they were angry and humiliated at their situation? They were certainly not humbled by the fact that they couldn't afford to purchase their own meal and had to eat leftovers.

Looking at them with disgust, I wanted to tell them to go get a bloody job. Even the foreign worker at the outlet has one.

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