Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: Redang Reef Resort

We stayed at Redang Reef Resort simply because it had the most economical 3D/2N package.

For RM358 per person (twin sharing), we got 2 nights accommodation, return transfers from the bus station to Shahbandar Jetty, return ferry from Shahbandar Jetty to the island, 3 snorkeling trips and all meals (2 B, 2L, 2 D and 2 tea breaks). There's also free flow of coffee, tea and hot water.

A plank walkway leads to Redang Reef. I love the crystal blue waters!

At the entrance of Redang Reef, there's a nice little lagoon that leads into the great blue ocean:

Divers who are studying for their PADI certificate train in this area. 

Compared to the other resorts on the island, Redang Reef is one of the simpler ones. So for RM358 per person, don't expect luxurious facilities. You get what you pay for.

The resort consists of 2 blocks of wooden buildings like this:

When we checked into our room, we found a pile of debris under the air con. After alerting the workers, they quickly came to clear the mess and to clean up our room. From the looks of it, the rooms were not ready when we checked-in. 

This is the reception area where guests are advised to leave their room keys in case they lose it while snorkeling:

The Reception is perpetually unattended.

Redang Reef also has a simple souvenir shop ...

... which didn't have a wide selection of souvenirs. So I went to More More Tea Inn which is a short walk from Redang Reef to buy these fridge magnets.

More More Tea Inn was made famous by Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren in the movie, Summer Holiday. There's a wide selection of souvenirs and beach wear sold here.

At the back of Redang Reef is a secluded, private beach complete with hammocks and lounge chairs. And when I say 'secluded', I mean it's really secluded.

This private beach at the back of Redang Reef is so secluded you can even go skinny dipping at night and no one would notice :-)

This is the dining area where all meals (except dinner) is served:

Dinner is NOT served here :-) Instead is it's served in another part of the resort that overlooks the sea.

Meals are simple and filing:

This was breakfast on one of the days.

I like this signage in the dining hall reminding us not to waste ...

Remember the bloated stomachs of babies in Africa (that the media drives into your head) and you won't need a sign like this.

After your meal, remember to place all plates and cups into these basins:

Reminded me of church camps where we had to wash our own plates. But then again, there are some eateries who have started this self service thingy to cut cost and whatnot. I think it's a good way to instill discipline. 

 The dining area is also the official habitat of these four legged residence of Redang Reef:

Can you spot them?

All in all, the staff were polite and ensured that we were well taken care off. 

However from a facility point of view, the resort could improve on a few areas, like its WiFi coverage for instance. The signal is so damn weak in the rooms that I had to sit in the dining area to log in. Even there the signal is not strong.

I also couldn't recharge my mobile phone in the room because there was something wrong with the power point. So I had to recharge in the dining area too which thankfully had power points that were working. 

And for DiGi users, there's no coverage at all in the rooms. I had to go to other areas of the resort to make calls or to send text messages. I can tolerate no WiFi in the room, but no mobile coverage is very annoying. 

The resort could really do with a refurbishment exercise to spruce the place up and and improve its facilities, especially its broadband/WiFi which is a basic facility in almost all hotels and resorts these days.

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