Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pretty Shop :-)

What do you think about this shop?

The most orderly and well arranged shop I've seen. Photo was snapped in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.


juphelia said...

Oh wow.. this is indeed a really pretty shop! How I wish I can find this kind of shop everywhere else, but then I would imagine its hard for the workers to maintain it!

khengsiong said...

So these are energy drinks for hikers?

Julie Lim said...


There are probably not many ppl who patronise this shop, therefore it is easy to maintain, hehehe.

But it is indeed a pretty shop!

Julie Lim said...


This shop sells a variety of stuff like biscuits, titbits and yes, energy drinks are sold here too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Julie, can take your time browsing around, study all the labels....maybe can dance to the music if any too, ha ha.
Nice pic.
You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

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