Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Two Big Trips in 2017

Last year I only travelled to Nepal and it was not a pleasant trip because we couldn't do Everest Base Camp due to bad weather and also had to deal with the nasty Langtang region.

So I'm planning to make 2 big trips this year to compensate for last year and to catch up on my travel bucket list. 

Trip 1 - Japan in June
This trip was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

A colleague and I were talking about going to Japan especially since we work for a Japanese bank.

And after working with many Japanese people daily, we wanted to visit the country where they come from. For me, it's also to put to an end to neverending questions from colleagues asking when am I going to visit their homeland :-)

One advantage about planning a trip to Japan with Japanese colleagues around is that they share information that only locals know. For example I was searching online about sumo wrestling matches but couldn't find anything. Moreoever everything is in Japanese. So I asked a colleague and he immediately sent me the link to the Grand Sumo Tournament website. Yeah!

Trip 2 - Europe in September
I've bought my anchor flight to London (MYR2,300 return on Oman Air) but I've yet to decide which country in Europe I'm going to explore. At this point, I'm still toying between Croatia/Montenegro and Spain/Portugal.

It's relatively cheap to travel to Croatia/Montenegro because they don't use the Euro. And if I do travel to those countries, Split, Dubrovnik and Kotor (the word means 'dirty' in Bahasa Malaysia!) would definitely be in the list.

I didn't get to do the south of Spain during my last trip there in December 2011. So if I do visit Spain/Portugal in September, it would be Granada - Cordoba - Seville - Faro - Lisbon - Porto.

Well, I've still got about 6 months to decide.

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