Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: The Neem, Bandar Hilir, Malacca

To celebrate my mum's 60th birthday, my family made a trip to good old Malacca where my late father came from.

My sister selected The Neem for our 2-night vacation. I had a rough idea of what to expect from The Neem after looking at its website. However the real thing looked totally different - in a good way, eventually.

Directions to The Neem on the website was clear and we found the place without getting lost.

This is the road that leads into The Neem. It's located at the back of 2 bungalows fronting Jalan Parameswara.

It's located at the back of 2 bungalows that are fronting Jalan Parameswara.

This is the entrance into The Neem: 

 The beige coloured house on the right is the reception and where the caretakers live.

There are 4 types of accommodation, i.e. chalets of different sizes to suit the number of pax.

Since we were a family of 4, we took Ketapang which is the biggest chalet.

 That's Mum sitting in front of Ketapang.

I like the rustic Welcome sign in front of Ketapang:

The interiors of Ketapang is huge and 4 of us could fit in nicely with lots of room to watch television, read, snooze, etc.

The bathroom is also spacious:

 Only now the Westerners have come up with the Ice Bucket Challenge. We Asians have been doing it since days of yonder. The only problem is we couldn't lift the tempayan, hahaha.

This is the shower and toilet area:

 The rain shower is awesome after a tiring day strolling Jonker Walk and climbing St Paul's Hill.

 Breakfast is included in the package:

 I chose Western breakfast for my first morning which the caretakers prepared in the kitchen. I chose Asian breakfast for my second morning and the caretakers just bought nasi lemak from the shops :-)

The grounds of The Neem is green and even has a small swimming pool as you can see on the bottom left side of this pic:

It's difficult to get a shot of the entire grounds in one pic. This is the best I could do.

There's greenery everywhere:

I like the daun pegaga which are so cute. 

There are water lilies outside each chalet:

I like the cool breeze that ruffles the leaves as I enjoy my breakfast under the tree in front of Ketapang.

There's a trampoline on the grounds too:

I was trying to do somersaults but had to stop in case I fell off the trampoline as there were no safety nets around it.

Eventhough my first impression of The Neem was rather poor because the place didn't look one bit at all like in its website, the place somehow grew on me and I began to like the place. 

The interiors of Ketapang where we stayed was clean and service was good. The caretakers are also friendly and they work hard to ensure their guests are comfortable.

My mum had already said that she will want to stay at The Neem when we come to Malacca again. So what can I say ...

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