Sunday, 15 October 2017

Fridge Magnet from Singapore

I was away in Singapore last week for one week of training. First time in my working life I travelled out of Malaysia for work/training. Such are the benefits of working for a multinational.

Anyway, during my week in Singapore, I met up with a cousin and he brought me to a few places including Bugis Village where I found this fridge magnet of the Singapore map:

SGD 2.00 (after conversion it's still cheaper than Malaysia!)

I was hoping to find a fridge magnet of the Singapore flag too. Unfortunately this is the only one I found, i.e. a combination of both.

I was planning to visit the Botanical Gardens on my first day when I arrived in Singapore simply because it's a UNESCO World Heritage site and I need to visit 50 site (travel bucket list). Unfortunately it was raining and I was too lazy to come out from the cozy hotel. Next time la.

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