Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Five Ways to Slow Down Intoxication


Have you ever found yourself getting tipsy after just one or two glasses of beer? Here are a few tips on how you can drink like a fish and don't get intoxicated (a.k.a. drunk) fast.

1) Pace
Just like running, it is important to pace yourself while drinking. Drink large amounts of alcohol at one go will definitely get you intoxicated in no time at all.

Instead, take small sips with pauses in between. Ensure there's a gap of time between one glass to the next.

2) Drink Lots of Water
While you're downing those jugs of beer or hard liquor, drink lots of water in between. Water helps to dilute the alcohol that gets absorbed into the bloodstream thus slowing down intoxication.

3) Consume Oily Food or Cheese
Eat lots of oily food before you start drinking. It is believed that oil will coat the stomach lining and slows down the absorbtion of alcohol into the bloodstream. Not too sure whether this has been scientifically proven but it's worth a shot.

For economical oily local food, I would recommend mamak mee, char kuey teow and roti canai. I heard that cheese does the trick too.

4) Get Enough Sleep
I've had experiences before where a good night sleep has made all the difference to an awesome night out. There was once I drank a bottle of white wine without realising I didn't have enough sleep the night before. Not even half way through the bottle when I started getting tipsy and then threw up. What a waste of delicious Italian wine it was.

5) Don't Mix the Alcohol
Few people have told me before not to mix  alcoholic beverages. For example, if I'm drinking beer, beer it will be for the entire session. If it's whiskey, then I should be holding the whiskey glass in my hand the entire night.

However this may not be the case for some of us. At my company's annual dinner last weekend, I drank 2 glasses of beer and 4 glasses of red wine and still felt awesome. Maybe it was the pacing.

These tips will not make you invincible towards alcohol. It would only help slow down your intoxication rate. You would get pissed drunk eventually if you continue drinking like there's no tomorrow.

Last but not least, don't forget that you must never get behind the wheel when you're tipsy or intoxicated. Be responsible!


Anonymous said...

I think cheese does help. That is why a wine party is never without cheese.

Now I know why if I eat snacks while drinking, I do not get that drunk, whereas if I just drink without eating snacks, I get high faster. Shall bear this in mind the next time I go drinking!

Julie Lim said...


Yup I think that's why cheese and wine parties always go together.

The secret to not getting drunk is to drink on a stomach coated with oil so that it would be difficult for the alcohol to penetrate the stomach lining and get into the blood stream that will eventually cause us to get high. I heard it from some people :-)

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