Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fairy Magnet Strikes Again!

My Fairy Magnet was in Saudi Arabia recently for a business trip. The fellow looked high and low for fridge magnets there but couldn't find any, don't know why. 

So if there are any entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia who wish to foray into the fridge magnet business, I think fridge magnets of ladies in the burqa would be a hit!

So anyway, my Fairy Magnet got me these magnets instead:

Why Germany? Because he was on transit there.

He was on transit at the Frankfurt airport.

Since the Fairy Magnet is indeed a Fairy Magbet, he added more magnets from his country of origin.

Fairy Magnet says that New Jersey is a shit hole. I haven't been there but would like to see what a shit hole looks like ;-)

New York! New York!

Beaufort, South Carolina looks like a quaint place to have romantic horse carriage rides and build dreams of living in lovely houses with white picket fences.

What is a South Carolina without a North Carolina :-)

Thank you Fairy Magnet!


juphelia said...

I love the horse carriage and the North Carolina ones!!

Interestingly, the New York one features King Kong. Thought Statue of Liberty would be more apt. :-)

Julie Lim said...

Hi Juphelia,

King Kong did climb the Empire State Building, no?

art said...

Hi Julie
re: New Jersey
If they gave the world an enema they would put the tube through New Jersey. When you go through Liberty National Airport (trust me, this is an oxymoronic name for it) you need a Passport to negotiate the Food Court!
Cab drivers don't speak English! Everything is filthy.
You want to de-louse when you leave the place which smells like a port-potty at the end of a week long rock concert.
I picked up the magnet with a napkin and wiped it with Path-Away before I sent it to you... LOL
The Fairy Magnet

Vinyl Fences said...

Yes, I love a white picket fence.

White Picket Fence

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