Thursday, 19 February 2009

Phousi Everywhere

In the amazing country called Laos, lies an idylic town called Luang Prabang. This little town is famous for many things which you can read here.

The friendly people of Luang Prabang have a vivid fascination with the Phousi. Whether it's spelt as Phousi or Phu Si, it still is a Phousi, and the Laos people love this name to bits. Just take a stroll through Luang Prabang town and you'll see what I mean.

There's a Phou Si Massage:

Phousi Guesthouse:

One Phousi Guesthouse is certainly not enough. Here is Phousi Guesthouse Two:

I didn't see a third Phousi Guesthouse though.

There's also a Phousi Hotel:

And Mount Phousi, which people climb everyday to watch the magnificent sunset.

Frankly speaking I don't know why they call it Mount Phousi when it's only 328 steps to reach the top. It should be called Phousi Hill.

Anyway ...

There was also a Phousi market but I didn't take any pics cause I was in a fast moving vehicle when the market flashed pass my eyes. It's on the outskirts of town in case you're wondering where the Phousi Market is.

So what is the Phousi? The name originates from a small cave-shrine on Mount Phousi called Wat Tham Phu Si. Meaning - I don't know. I Googled it but no website has the answer. Maybe it's just a name.

But if Phousi does have a meaning, please post a comment. I'd love to expand my knowledge about the Phousi.


drNO said...

hei...I wanna know the meaning of Phousi too...
learn new thing today...extend the knowledge....hahhahhahah

Julie Lim said...

Hi Dr No,

The name Phousi sounds vulgar, but it's a legal, legitimate name in Laos, hahaha.

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

"phou" in Lao mean, "mountain"

"si" in Lao mean, "color"

Thus, you have "colorful mountain"

Anonymous said...

Because "Laos" have many mountains.

Those mountains are seen as the Gods myth and legends. If you are in Laos, you should asked the local people what Gods the mountain are referencing.

For example: The two mountians in Pakse, Champasak Laos. As the legend goes. The prince wants to married his love. But the parents of the prince dont let him. I think he kill himself, and when she found out the her love has died. She too kill herself. Thus you see the two mountains in Pakse are both lying next to each other where they fell.

If you want more accurate account, you should talk to the local people. I'm just interpret what why parents told me.

The word "Phou" is very popular in a Laotian first name. And its very popular in the name of the towns throughtout Laos and Thailand.

Anonymous said...

The word "Phou" are always in the front. The end words describing the mountain, and are always referencing to or describing the divine or the mythical kings.

these are other names:

Phouvong=popular men name
phouving=popular men and women names
pousavan= heavenly mountian

Anonymous said...

"Wat Tham Phu Si"

"Wat" meaning church in Laos and Thai

"Tham" mean cave in Laos and Thai

"Phu" mean mountain in Laos and some part of Thailand. Like Esan, Chaing Mai and Laos(Lan xang). Becasue these three kingdom are related.

"si" mean color in Laos and Thailand

There could possibly be many meaning. But i think the meaning is " shinning mountian" or "colourful mountain". Anyway its referencing a Gods or Myths, so the meaning are towards that.

Anonymous said...

"Wat Tham Phu Si"

wat=mean church in Laos and Thai

tham=mean cave in Laos and Thai

Phu or phou or pou= mean mountain in Laos and part of Thailand, like Esan, and Chiang Mai.

Si=mean color in Laos and Thai

Julie Lim said...

To all those of you who posted a comment, enlightened me about the meaning of 'Phousi', a big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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