Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Let's Get Sipadan into the New7Wonders of Nature!

On 7 July 2007 (07/07/07), the New7Wonders was announced to the world. These 7 wonders were chosen based on more than 100 million votes from around the world to represent global heritage throughout history.

As a huge fan of culture and history, obviously I jumped at the chance to vote for my favourite 7 Wonders when I first heard about it. Here’s what I voted for:

  1. Taj Mahal in India
  2. Great Wall of China in China
  3. The Colosseum in Italy
  4. Christ Redeemer in Brasil
  5. Machu Picchu in Peru
  6. Hagia Sophia in Turkey
  7. The Acropolis in Greece

When the winners were announced I discovered that 5 of my choices were in. Hagia Sophia and The Acropolis did not make it. Instead Petra in Jordan and The Pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico were in. So not bad, huh my choices? Geting 5 out of 7 I think is not bad at all.

So now that the world has decided on its favourite man made wonders, the focus is now on God made wonders. The New7Wonders of Nature is on now!

Malaysia obviously didn’t have any nominations in the New7Wonders but this time in the New7Wonders of Nature, Malaysia has a contender – Sipadan Island!

According to a report in The Star newspaper, some divers who were astounded by the beauty and rich marine life in Sipadan that they nominated the island in the New7Wonders of Nature. Having heard about Sipadan contending, the Malaysian government has formed an official supporting committee.

So fellow Malaysians and all those of you who feel that Sipadan deserves to be in the New7Wonders of Nature, don't forget to cast your vote. I've started my support by placing a widget in this blog (look to the right). Let's get Sipadan into the New7Wonders of Nature!


OO said...

We agree Sipadan deserve the accolade ... but in silent, we worry that the publicity will bring in hordes of tourists and when that happens ... :-(

Just our opinion.

Julie Lim said...


I agree with your opinion - more publicity equals to more tourist equals to more damage to the delicate ecosystem of Sipadan, which is the last thing any of us wants.

But I think the Malaysian government has already done a good job by limiting the number of tourist to the island as well as moving out all chalet operators. So I hope these efforts will continue and even be made stricter. But then again, every measure is not foolproof.

aud said...

Hi Julie

As long as common sense prevail over greed...

Fantastic if Sipadan makes it two for Sabah..

Julie Lim said...

Hi Aud,

Yes it would be great if Sipadan makes it into the list. And let's hope greed doesn't prevail, like what's happening at some other islands.

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