Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentine's Day & A Super Prick

Someone sent me red roses on the eve of Valentine's Day.

My secret friend told me to watch out for the flowers and when the bouquet arrived at my office, I quietly collected them from the delivery guy and went back to my cubicle.

The super prick who sits in the next cubicle saw me carrying the bouquet.

"Who sent them?"

"Somebody. Can't tell you who".

I don't usually share my private life with my colleagues. They don't know who my social friends are or who I go out with. And I intend to keep it that way.

"I think you sent the flowers to yourself. People have done it before," super prick said in the most jealous and condescending manner.

When I heard that, I was about to burst and tell him off. But then again my 'sympathy' towards super prick got the better of me.

You see, super prick never had and never will have a girlfriend cause girls are repulsed by the sight of him and his behaviour. He is so repulsive, even prostitutes wouldn't want to do business with him.

So STYK, don't be jealous just because I received flowers and you don't have a chance to send any. You won't have the chance ever, so please learn to accept it. But the hardest part would be learning to live with yourself.


Caffenny Tan said...

Nice flowers btw =) *wink*

Julie Lim said...

Thanks Han Yen :-)

I guess you'd know who Super Prick is, hahaha.

Caffenny Tan said...

yeah, i know who is super prick. well, i hope he will have a nice day ahead =)

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