Wednesday, 1 April 2009

California Fitness Lot 10 - Disappointing

Yesterday I went to the spanking new California Fitness at Lot 10 for the first time. After moving to its new premises from Menara Standard Chartered, I would expect the place to be better than before. But alas, this is not the case.

The new California Fitness at Lot 10 is a disappointment.

First of all, for folks like me who gets to Lot 10 by walking, there is no lift that takes you directly from the Ground Floor to the club on the 8th Floor.

I had to take the lift to the 7th Floor and then walk across the car park to take the escalator on the other side of the car park to the 8th Floor. I wouldn’t recommend using this way because it’s dangerous to walk across the car park, especially if you’re female.

My favourite way to get to the club is to take the escalators or elevators to the 4th Floor.

When you get to the 4th Floor, look for the escalator that is near London Weight Management and Cenosis.

When you reach this escalator, continue going up till you reach the 8th Floor and you'll see the club entrance on your left.

But if you're driving I don't think it would be difficult, as you can park on the 8th or 9th Floors, which is where the gym is.

Now let's get down to details.

Everything in the club, I repeat everything, has been scaled down. For example, the entire female changing room is now smaller compared to before. The number of lockers, shower cubicles, changing rooms and toilet cubicles have all have been reduced. The sauna room has also become smaller.

This is ok if there’re a small number of ladies around. But it can get pretty cramp during peak hours. And tempers can flare when everyone seem to be in your face everywhere you turn. For the first time ever as a member of California Fitness, I had to wait for my turn to use the changing room yesterday evening.

Previously when the club was in Menara Standard Chartered I could go to a little corner of the changing room, strip and put on my workout attire without anyone staring at my breasts. Now with a much smaller space I have to resort to using the changing rooms. I don't want other ladies comparing their breasts with mine.

Since the days of Menara Standard Chartered, there have been a number of locker break-ins. The management of the club then started encouraging its members to use the big silver locks, the ones where the key sticks inside the lock when it's unlocked.

The funny thing is that in this new place, the management have installed some lockers that can’t fit the big locks like mine. Are the management dumbbells or what? Pun intended.

When I found that my lock can't fit into the locker hole, I had to look for another locker that could fit my lock and shift all my stuff to that locker. So leceh.

I also bumped into Sergio, a fellow gym member yesterday. It was his third time there since the club relocated to Lot 10, and he too was disappointed with the new gym.

Previously in Menara Standard Chartered the guys used to have a spacious workout area with lots of machines to build a body like the Governor of California. I call it the Testosterone Zone.

Now all the machines and dumbbells have been cramped into a small space and these poor fellas have no freedom of movement.

If you want to pump iron during peak hours you might have to wait for a long time to be able to use the machines. Maybe that’s why they have installed internet terminals beside the Testosterone Zone – for people to kill time while waiting to use the machines. Oh yeah, did I mention that the internet access is also bloody slow?

Sergio also told me that the reason people were still members is because they have signed a one year or longer membership with the club. When their membership expires, there's a high possibility they might change clubs. Only time will tell if California Fitness at Lot 10 will lose its members in the long run.


nadhirah nasser said...

i'm one of this club member too.. i've been going to the club again since 25h of march.
i was also really disappointed.. the club is smaller n they are building bistro n pub bigger next to the gym.. i mean... why move if its smaller....? rite?
but to tell u about the access, it will be easier for us who walking to LOT 10 when the bubble lift are ready.. just be patient..

Julie Lim said...

Hi Nadhirah,

Thanks for dropping by!

I think the owners of Menara Standard Chartered wanted the space back. That's why California Fitness had to shift to Lot 10, which is smaller. But I think they had no choice.

But I didn't know they are building a bistro and pub beside the gym! Better to expand the gym than build a bistro and pub. Dah la kecik gym tu!

And thanks for informing bout the bubble lift. Otherwise I'd still be using the elevators :-)

Anonymous said...

We too are members and have been very very disappointed by how small the new club is. 'Us' and a few other expats are currently talking to True Fitness about a discounted package to move across, I believe that the deal on the table is 125rm per month over 12 months, which considering the equipment there is very good. If you want to explore this option go and talk to Rina at true fitness and you must say that an 'expat' friend suggested you talk to her. She will know what you mean and will be happy to talk to you about the discounted membership price we have been discussing with her.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for that bit of info!

RM125 per month is reasonable. I'll certainly get in touch with Rina at True Fitness. Is this the one at Pavilion?

narwee said...

....and now we are all being kicked out on the street by the sellout management. I never liked California always got different stories for different people. I got sucked in for an infinity membership. At least i got nearly 4 yrs worth, not like poor bastards just signed up last month.

Cynthia said...

Hi, I am a member at the Mid Valley branch. I have been a member at Min Valley since Mid Valley opened, from Sweat Club, to Cal Fitness and now Celebrity Fitness. My Cal Fitness membership is ending, as I took the lump sum payment membership, and I sign up for PT as well. Now they are quoting me RM159 per month for monthly membership and refuse to reduce the sum. I have decided not to continue on with the membership if tho' I like the Mid Valley gym and my PT.

How much are you guys paying for monthly membership at Celeb?

I refuse to add to Amber Chia's coffers. I think she is just such a bad image for gym. For one, who works out in underwear (lingerie), Amber is just skinny becos of genetics and not hard work. I prefer if they had used someone who is a celebrity but actually works out as well.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Cynthia,

My membership is a corporate one, which is applied under the Sports Club of my company. Therefore employees only pay a lump sum payment of RM600 plus for one year.

Now that Celebrity Fitness has taken over California, they have increased the price to RM999 (entrance to one club only).

I am seriously thinking of joining another club. But at RM999 for one year, I think this is the cheapest I'm gonna get anywhere. I'm being held by the balls here.

Totally agree with you about Amber Chia. And that gyms should choose a celebrity who works out, and not some skinny model.

The problem is that many young gals want to look like Amber Chia and the gym know this. So they are banking on that to get memberships.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
There are other fitness centre that are cheaper than RM999! You just need to look more. I've seen better and spacious ones around KL. Good Luck

Julie Lim said...


Thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind when my Celebrity Fitness membership expires in October 2010.

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