Saturday, 4 April 2009

Am I That Unrecognisable?

Last Wednesday C asked me out for lunch. He’s an acquaintance whom I met a couple of years ago while hunting for a job. We’ve gone out for lunch a couple of times, and that’s about it.

On that day, C said he’ll text me when he arrive at the lobby of my office building.

When I got out of the lift, I could see C waiting a distance away looking at the lifts to see if I got off any of ‘em. I started walking towards him and about 10 metres away I waved and smiled at him.

He stared at me, blankly.

WTF! I looked like an idiot waving at somebody who couldn’t recognize me! I mean come on, this is not the first time I’m meeting this bloody bugger.

When I approached him, I said, “Hey C, it’s me la. Don’t you recognize me?”

With the blank look still on his face, C looked at me and said, “Oh …,” to acknowledge that his stupid neurons have finally registered my face.

“Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my mind la,” C said.

My mind was urging me to scream, “Hey idiot, if you have lots on your mind, then don’t ask me out for lunch. You ask me out and then you behave like you don't know me. Everybody also got lots on their mind la, not only you!”

But it’s the season of Lent, so I said, “Eh friend, next time acknowledge la,” albeit irritatingly.

C apologized after hearing the tone in my voice, but the damage has been done.

Maybe I should stop going out for lunches with this loser.

P/S If you think C is a loser, wait till you read about TE, in my next entry.


Salt N Turmeric said...

Dah lah ajak orang lunch, pastu complain tht he has lotsa things in his mind. Kureng sungguh kan?

Your p/s really cracks me up. Now i cant wait for TE's story. lol.

J.T. said...

What lah that fella? Maybe he was looking for company to load off (since he apparently had a lot on his mind). Did he do that? :) If not, really lah Julie .. lunch hours are precious. Use it wisely. :)

This reminds me of an incident when my cousin had lunch with me. That bugger kept looking at other girls and hardly concentrated on our conversation. I told him if he preferred to join the other girls, I will head back to the office. I got his attention for a while .. say 10 minutes... then back to admiring other girls (and vice versa). Moral of the story - avoid guys who think they are so irresistible. It was so not worth my one hour of break from the office. LOL

Julie Lim said...

Farina a.k.a. Salt & Turmeric,

My follow-up story to this one should be posted up by tomorrow. It's titled 'Desperado & Stupido' :-)

I nak blog pasal F1 dulu supaya cerita tak basi :-)

Julie Lim said...


Hard to say he was looking for company to load off cause he was talknig about his job move and also reminiscing about his life 10 years ago. Yawn ...

I've also encountered a similar experience like you did with your cousin. But this acquaintance whom I was meeting for the first time kept on texting on his cellphone and kept excusing himself to take the many calls that came in. Moreover he was late by an hour. I vowed never to see him again.

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