Sunday, 6 May 2018

My New Travel Bag - Eminent Trolley Backpack

I bought an Eminent trolley backpack recently.

The Travel Store in KL Gateway Mall was closing down and they were offering additional discounts to clear stock, so I got the bag for RM419.50.

I had been looking for a trolley backpack for the longest time and here are the reasons why I bought the bag:

Size - Its 50 x 27 x 34cm dimension fits the maximum hand carry luggage size on most airlines and therefore I don't need to purchase additional luggage weight.

Weight - The bag only weighs 2.29kg which gives me an allowance of  4.71kg for clothes and other stuff in order not to exceed the 7kg hand carry limit on airlines like AirAsia. Airlines like Easyjet don't have a weight limit on hand carry luggage. How wonderful is that.

Space - Its 44L capacity is large enough for at least 1 week of clothing.

Best of both worlds - It must be a trolley backpack so that I can have the best of both worlds depending on where I am. For example if I'm walking on an uneven road looking for a hostel, then I'll strap the bag to my back. But if I'm at the airport then for sure I'll switch to trolley.

In December 2008 I wrote about my Deuter backpack. However after using it in different countries and for different types of adventure, I realise it's more suited for trekking or perhaps some other adventure trips. 

You can't keep much stuff in a backpack and it's not suitable for travelling in cities because sometimes I wanna roll the bag on pavements and give my back a rest (signs of aging). 

I also dislike that whenever I place the backpack on the floor it tends to fall over. I need a bag with structure.

I'll be using the Eminent bag for the first time in Europe this September. Looking forward to it.

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