Monday, 3 May 2010

Now I Can Visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan and Syria has been on my travel radar ever since I travelled to Egypt and fell in love with the historical wonders of the Middle East.

There're lots to see in both countries - Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the world and St Paul was converted there too. Jesus Christ was baptised in the Jordan River, and people who have visited Petra said it would blow your mind. I could go on and on.

Anyway, when I was doing research on cheap flight tickets, I found that Qatar Airways has return flights from KL to Amman in Jordan at an average of RM3,500.

However, it was reported recently that Royal Jordanian will resume flights from KL to Amman via Bangkok after leaving the market for 5 years.

So I went to their website to check out ticket prices. What I found put a smile on my face :-)

Return tickets from KL to Amman are going for RM2,965! That's about RM500 cheaper compared to Qatar Airways.

I'm so ... going to Jordan and Syria, if everything goes to plan. Even my Lonely Planet is ready and ever ready to be packed into my trusty backpack.


Anonymous said...

What a cool place, part of the Holy Land! How I wish I can go there one day too, for pilgrimage.

Qatar Airways from Singapore is about S$2,000.00 return trip. Maybe next time I would go to KL and take Royal Jordanian from there! Probably cheaper than flying straight from Singapore!

Julie Lim said...


Yes that's my intention too - to do a pilgrimage cum trip to these places. I can imagine myself spending hours sitting in the presence of the Lord in the churches and holy sites :-)

Due to the strong SGD compared to the RM, I think it would be a good idea to fly from KL instead of from Spore, although you would have to make an additional trip from Spore to KL to catch your flight.

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