Monday, 17 May 2010

Budget Accommodation in Jogjakarta - Jalan Sosrowijayan

If you're looking for cheap and reasonable accommodation in Jogjakarta, look no further than Jalan Sosrowijawan (Sosrowijayan Road).

All the budget accommodation are located here and you won't have any problems looking for a hotel that will suit the depths of your pockets.

Jalan Sosrowijayan

Jalan Sosrowijayan is centrally located along Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Road), the main shopping street in Jogjakarta.

Jalan Malioboro. If you can't remember the name, just remember "Marlboro".

I stayed at Merbabu Hotel which is situated in Gang 1, a small lane along Jalan Sosrowijayan.

Rates are IDR 95,000 for a private room with bathroom ensuite. Breakfast is also included. I was happy cause it was cheap and the room was clean.

Why do they call small lanes like these "Gang" in Indonesia? Feels like I'm walking into a triads lair where everyone is waiting to bash the other person up with silat (cause it's Indonesia) and kung fu (cause I like kung fu).

Guests at Merbabu Hotel have a choice of 2 types of breakfast which I can't remember the menu. All I remember is choosing the egg omellete sandwich and orange juice option for the 2 days I stayed there, and it was delicious.

There are many tour operators at the entrance of Gang 1. You can book tours or transport to Borobudur and Mr Bromo here.

Every evening many hawkers would set up their stalls along Jalan Sosrowijyan for you to pig out. 

Look at the menu on the stall. What's "Bihun Godhok"? Sounds like one kind only, man ...

These stalls sell a variety of food like Indonesian sate:

Indonesian sate is thinner than Malaysian sate. Even the sate sauce is different. Malaysian sate sauce is peanut based, Indonesian one don't know what based. But got lots of starch.

I wouldn't recommend eating at these stalls unless you have a strong stomach. I think Mat Salleh (Caucasian) tourists would give it a miss cause they are not used to such stalls.

As for a Malaysian like moi who have been trained at the mamak stalls back in good old Malaysia, it was not a problem at all.

Me sipping some ice lemon tea

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