Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pics of My New Pad

Living Room

I love my broken marble floor. The contractor told me that I need to use specific mopping liquid for marble and terrazo flooring. Otherwise my marble flooring would lose it's shine and the RM 650 that I spent to polish it would be wasted.

Pardon Thomas who sort of photo bombed the pic on the left. Apart from driving me crazy at times, this gem of a guy drove me to the store to get items for the condo before the contractor started work. Thomas was tired by time we dropped off the stuff at the condo and was too lazy to get out of the pic when I snapped it :-)


As you can see from the pics, I changed the tiles for the entire bathroom including the water cistern, basin and mirror. I ain't gonna be putting my bum on a used water cistern :-)

I also removed the bath tub because the bathroom is freaking small and I needed the space.

Look at the Before pic and notice the horrible pipe that runs at the back of the water cistern and out the window. My contractor repiped it without me telling him to do it. It's much neater now. I love it when people know what to do without me telling them.

And here is the favourite part of my bathroom:

That rain shower is worth every single cent of the RM 710 that I paid for it. This price includes the shower hear, arm, mixer, etc.

Initially I was thinking twice about spending so much for a shower head but the contractor explained that my condo uses a boiler system instead of the usual water heater that is fixed to the wall. Since a boiler system heats up water till boiling temperature, I needed to get a quality shower head that can stand the extreme heat.

I've always wanted a shower system like the ones you find in 4-star or 5-star hotels. And now I have it. No more ugly water heater sticking to the wall.

And water that gushes from a rain shower especially when you're tired ... is just so relaxing.


I removed the carpet flooring because it was freaking musty and smelled really bad. Now I have a lovely wooden laminated flooring where I can practice my salsa spins ;-)

The curtains were actually left behind by the previous owner. I just washed it and it looked good as new. Save me lots of cash there if I had to get new ones.

All in all, the renovation works went smoothly, albeit off schedule for about 2 weeks. But I didn't harass my contractor to speed things up 'cause I didn't want him to do a half par six job.

And indeed he did a great job which costs me only a fraction of the market price. You won't believe it if I tell you the price. Would blow your mind!

Settling In

Now that I've moved into my new pad, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I now walk everywhere - to my work place which is only 10-minutes away, to the store, the mall, salsa clubs, etc.

I don't understand the meaning of traffic jams anymore, hahaha.

And I can finally say good riddance to the freaking RapidKL buses who are perpetually good for nothing.


Vari Sapi Lucu said...

Looking great! I love your new bathroom look! I always
like it when I have a good hot shower after a lomg tiring day...

marsha maung said...

Wowow! Love the changes you made! And pray tell, how much did you spend all in?

Julie Lim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie Lim said...

Vari Sapi Lucu,

I'm glad I brought my mum to choose the bathroom tiles. Because when mum gives her blessings, most of the time it will be nice, hehehe.

Julie Lim said...

Marsha Maung,

Including renovations, fittings and furnishing, it came to slightly less than RM 20k.

Queen of hearts said...

Nice! Love the floor. Where is this place? I need a new wardrobe. lol! Must start saving.

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