Sunday, 14 July 2013

My New Place

In December 2012, I viewed a condo in the heart of KL city, fell in love with it and made an offer. Since the seller (who is American) was desperate to dispose off his unit, I managed to bargain down the price a little [(happy :-)].

After the average 6 months of completing the entire process of owning a property, i.e. engaging a lawyer, looking for a bank loan with the best rates, preparing the Sales & Purchase agreement, etc. I finally got the keys on 19 June 2013. 

For the past few weeks I had been busy looking for a contractor to renovate the unit and sourcing for interior deco ideas. 

The challenge is moving from 930 sq ft to 581 sq ft. I've started learning to live with less ... 

Here's a chronology of events that happened after I got the keys:

5 July -- Followed contractor to choose tiles, WC, rain shower, etc. Brought mum and bro along for second opinion. The shops were in Klang coz it's my hometown and things are cheaper there compared to KL :-)
-- Stopped by Homme Basics in Subang Jaya to get my favourite towel holder. This seems to be the only place selling it!
-- Lawrence from Inovar Floor came to measure my bedroom to provide a quotation. I had already booked the offer prices and paid a RM500 deposit during HOMEDEC in KLCC couple of months ago.
-- Paid RM1,000 renovation deposit (refundable) to condo management. This is standard procedure for anyone who wants to renovate their unit. I also had to provide them with the names and IC numbers of the contractors. 
-- Paid RM3,000 deposit to contractor.
-- Collected cupcakes from Gerald (NomNom KL). I need to reward myself after all the hard work :-)

7 July -- Dragged TC to Houz Depot to look for a ceiling fan (with lights) for the bedroom, mirror cabinet for the bathroom, foldable stools and chairs, etc. Spent RM855.30.
(Note: Having a credit card is extremely useful in situations where I need to make large ticket items like the items I bought from Houz Depot. But of course I need to be disciplined and pay it off in total each month to avoid interest charges. There are numerous credit cards in the market and to see which one suits you best, click here.

8 July -- Renovation works commenced. The contractors are starting with the bathroom coz it's where the major works are. I'm removing the bathtub (I don't use it and the bathroom is bloody small) and replacing the wall & floor tiles, WC and sink. 

14 July -- A neighbour brought her church friend to collect my old clothes, bags, writing notebooks, mugs, etc. for charity. Need to clear up lots of stuff before I move.
-- Went to Kian Classic to enquire for a built-in wardrobe. The salesman told me that they need about 1 month to install the wardrobe. I think I'll look for another supplier.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

I'll post pics once the renovation is completed.


Jibie Jipp said...

wah, very inspiring. I've been thinking a lot about buying a house in KL for some time now. Well, I'm expecting some pics soon :-)

Julie Lim said...

Hi Jipp,

Everyone should have their own property because it's an investment you'll never regret. Pics will be up soon :-)

Lakisha Zimmerer@Joanne Davidow said...

Hey, congratulations! It's not yet too late for that, right? ;) I'm quite certain you still have a hangover from the 6-month buying process, especially that you have a consistent object to remind you about it – the condo, which is waiting to be freshened up. How are things going?

Julie Lim said...

Hi Lakisha Zimmerer@Joanne Davidow,

The hangover has died, but the momentum is building up to move in :-)

The condo is still under renovation. Hope to get it all completed within the next 2 weeks.

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