Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Bathroom Tiling

I went to see the newly laid bathroom tiles this evening after work.

The contractor had told me earlier that the tiles look lovely and I had to see it for myself. I returned home a happy girl :-)

When I went tile hunting, I was worried that my choice of tiles, especially the colour and texture, would not jive. But it did, yeah!

I took a picture of the newly laid tiles with my mobile phone, but I can't download it to my lappy. I'll definitely post pics of the whole place when it's fully completed with furniture and all.

Next, I need to choose the type of laminated wood flooring for the bedroom. There are many choices and I hope I make the right one. Of course the pricing would be one of the deciding factors as I'm on a tight budget.

Stay tuned ...


tiles said...

I put tiles from Roca in my bathroom, because I loved their design :)

Patrick Tan said...

People would sometimes overlook the importance of tiles. It it not just for design. It should also be considered for safety especially if its on a bathroom. Anti slip tiles are a must.

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