Thursday, 5 September 2013

Last Last Works in Condo

I was on leave yesterday to supervise the Welco contractors install my built-in wardrobe. The team consists of 2 guys - an elderly guy in his 60s and his apprentice, a guy in his 20s. 

When they arrived 30 min late at 11.40am, I asked the older guy how long would it take to complete the installation. He said since it's a simple job, would take approximately 2 hours. I was happy coz I had arranged for the Serta mattress delivery guys to deliver my bed around 2.00pm. 

By around 1.00pm, I noticed that the cupboard was definitely not gonna be installed by 2.00pm. Reason is because the contractors were just bloody lazy, especially the younger guy who just sat and watched the older guy work. There were a few times I heard them quarrelling about the way they were installing the wardrobe. He also had the cheek to ask whether he could use my UniFi broadband and borrow my Nokia charger! I obliged with the UniFi but didn't have my Nokia charger with me at that time. 

Seeing that the work schedule had been bursted, I called up Serta mattress to delay the delivery till around 4.00pm. And then I told the contractors to hurry up. Thankfully they completed around 4.30pm and the Serta mattress delivery guys came at 5.15pm. 

And thus the last of the contractors have completed their works.


em-chan said...

hi julie,

thanks for sharing your renovation experience. just wanted to know if you can recommend welco's wardrobe?

their wardrobe is almost RM1000 cheaper than kian classic, but i am wondering if there is a big difference in quality?


Julie Lim said...

Hi Em-Chan,

You've absolutely right that Kian Classic is more expensive compared to Welco.

I was using a Kian Classic built-in wardrobe in my previous flat for about 5 years before moving to my new flat.

Now that I've used the Welco built-in wardrobe for 1 year, I can tell you that there is hardly any difference in quality between Kian Classic and Welco. I would recommend Welco anytime :-)

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