Friday, 16 August 2013

Last Renovation Works

Been neglecting updates on my new place. Anyway, here goes:

5 August 2013 - Contractors laid the skirting for the entire condo. I must say that my contractor really knows how to choose the skirting tiles. Really matches the broken marble!

6 August 2013 - Polishing of broken marble flooring is the last of the renovation works. Now I can see my own reflection on the floor! However to maintain the shine, I must use cleaning liquid for terrazzo flooring. If I use any other ordinary floor cleaner, the shine will fade.

7 August 2013 - The contractor dropped by my office to inform me of the costs (and to hand me back the keys). Total renovation costs was less than RM10,000 (including accessories and parts). I'm a happy condo owner :-)

8 August 2013 - Since it was the Hari Raya Aidifitri hols, I brought my entire family to see the condo. They didn't see it pre renovation, so they can't compare the dramatic transformation post renovation. Anyway, they're very impressed with the location, as what 100% of people have commented when they see it. Location, location, location - that's the mantra when buying a property.

13 August 2013 - Went to Welco Kitchen in Taman Dagang to make a RM500 booking for my built-in wardrobe. The guy is gonna come measure the space tomorrow and installation is set on 4 September 2013. I asked whether they could install earlier, but their schedule is full. Apparently they have 6 installations a day and the earliest they can install my wardrobe is 4 September 2013. I'm thinking of moving in first and then only install the wardrobe.

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Katy Desroches said...

If you think you can't tolerate excessive dust and noise, you should move in after the installation of the wardrobe. At least you won't be disturbed by the working team.

I'm glad you've shared your renovation progress from time to time. Now it's done, I wish you'll enjoy your new place. Good luck!

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