Friday, 25 June 2010

World Cup Fever & My Thoughts

Incidences of World Cup fever:

1) I thought the Middle Eastern guy who sat opposite me in the bus looked like a younger version of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Am I the only one feeling the heat? Drool ... drool ... drool ...
(Pic from the Internet)

2) I was telling my sis that "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" was a bloody waste of time and money. My sis smiled and said, "It's Prince of Persia lah, not Prince of Serbia". Gosh, did I say "Prince of Serbia"?! I'm not even a Serbian fan.

Prince of Serbia ... opps ... Prince of Persia was a disappointment.
(Pic from the Internet)

3) I was composing an email to my colleagues and used the word "vuvuzela" in it: "We do not have enough facts to blow our vuvuzela."

Please tell me where can I find a vuvuzela. I've got lots of people to irritate.
(Pic from the Internet)

Having said all that, I'm:

a) ... glad that Italy and France didn't qualify for the last 16. France deserved to lose with all the crap that went on within the squad. And being defending champions, Italy was over confident till it went to their heads.

b) ... happy that South Korea and Japan are in the last 16. Think about it: two big boys, Italy and France didn't make it, but South Korea and Japan did. Even if South Korea and Japan don't make it to the quarter finals, it's still a cause for celebration for Asian football to reach this far! I'm hoping they can kautim Uruguay and Paraguay.

c) ... impressed that the US of A is in the last 16. Again, a country that hardly watches and plays football makes it into the last 16, while countries that eat and sleep football like Italy and France are out. I hope the US will beat Ghana and make it into the quarter finals.

d) ... gonna watch the Portugal vs Brazil match this evening at Hard Rock Cafe. And no, I'm not motivated by the guy at the top of this blogpost, yes the one with the solid abs and big ...

e) ... supporting Germany when they play against England on June 27. I don't know why most Malaysian football fans are huge England supporters. Must be influence from the EPL and because England formerly colonised Malaysia. But the English dogs are playing worst then their mothers and I hope they'll lose against the mighty Germans.

I'm so gonna be eating and sleeping football till it all ends on July 11 when one team finally lifts the cup and have their name written down in football history.

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