Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Back to Work!

Coming to work this morning was a breeze. Human traffic was a lot less today on the KTM Komuter and Monorail. Most denizens of Kuala Lumpur were still on Chinese New Year (CNY) leave.

My office building had that eerie feeling because there were not many people around.

And when I stepped into my office at at about 9.30am, only two colleagues were in; the rest were on leave. Great! I'll have the whole office to myself!

I switched on the computer, made myself a cup of instant oats and filled up my water bottle. Then checked emails, read blogs and Facebook.

After a while the office got so quiet it felt like working in a mortuary. So I played Janet Siedel and The Chieftains from my computer. But made sure it was not too loud till it distracted the others.

I'm gonna take a long lunch today - need to go to Isetan Lot 10 to exchange a blouse I bought for my mum for CNY. It didn't fit her and I learned my lesson never to buy clothes for someone who's not there to try it on. And since my mum's not here again, I'm gonna exchange the blouse for something for myself. That's another excuse to get something for my wardrobe :-)

Work today is a bliss ...

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