Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Bags Are Packed

So my bags are packed but I'm NOT ready to travel 10,549 kilometres to the other side of the world for some R&R.

Reason is because I was so busy the past few weeks completing writing assignments that I didn't have time to do enough research on the places I plan to visit.

Ever since I got bitten by the travel bug, doing research before travel has been part of my travel experience. I feel more ready if I had done enough preparation before I board the plane. Well ... anyway I can still research during the 12-hour flight.

I'll most probably update this blog when I get back after the Raya hols. Will share with you what I saw, smelt and tasted over there :-)

And to all my friends everywhere,

Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri & Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip and hope you enjoy yourself!

Julie Lim said...

Thanks Juphelia! I certainly did!

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