Friday, 4 September 2009

California Fitness is Now Celebrity Fitness - Fitness Club Cease Operations in Malaysia

I found out something yesterday - California Fitness in Lot 10 has changed management to Celebrity Fitness. And I think members are upset with the new management. That's why they have been searching on the internet and that explains why I had many hits on my blog entry which you can read here.

I went home and logged onto the Celebrity Fitness website and found out that the club has acquired all 3 California Fitness clubs located in Lot 10, Mid Valley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid.

So what's happening here? My guess is that California Fitness is not making money in Malaysia so they've decided to ditch it's business here. This means there won't be anymore California Fitness club in Malaysia at all.

And since Celebrity Fitness is looking at expanding its gym network in Malaysia, this is an opportune time and a win-win situation (didn't we hear this phrase to death?) for both parties.

Bernama also carried the news which might give a better understanding of what's happening.

Personally, I have no preference for any club. Most important for me is that the club needs to have good facilities that are well maintained.

And luckily Amber Chia's contract as Brand Ambassador of Celebrity Fitness expired last year. Otherwise we would be seeing more of her.

I know Amber Chia is an aclaimed fashion model and all, but as Brand Ambassador? Give me a break. Have you seen Ms Chia in person? She looks like a bag of bones. The bones on her chest are so visible that looking at her makes me want to have 10 meals of banana leaf rice in a row.

When Ms Chia was Brand Ambassador of Celebrity Fitness, the message that she sent out is that you must be super thin and waif-like in order to be healthy and active. I think this represents a poor image of a healthy lifestyle.

Thank goodness Celebrity Fitness didn't renew her contract, but they were dumb-dumbs to sign her up in the first place.

On the other hand, look who California Fitness chose as their partner in Malaysia - none other than my favourite action hero, Jackie Chan.

I think Mr Chan makes a positive Brand Ambassador for California Fitness because of the action movies and kung fu that he does.

He is indirectly telling people to lead a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise. And I think that is what a positive Brand Ambassador for a fitness club should be 'shouting'.

In fact, California Fitness has partnered with international athletes like Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O' Neal and Yao Ming "to create signature clubs that advocate fitness and help reach the company's mission of making fitness a way of life for everyone," as what is written in the club's website.

It's a pity California Fitness has ceased to make it's presence felt in Malaysia. A fitness club that partners with international athletes to make fitness a way of life for everyone is better than a fitness club that signed up a fashion model as its brand ambassador.


Salt N Turmeric said...

wht do u mean california fitness not making any money in malaysia? i live in california and have yet to see 1 california fitness. lol.

Julie Lim said...

Salt N Turmeric,

That's a good one, hahaha. Hope you had a wonderful Raya celebration.

Anonymous said...

interesting how its called california and i haven't seen any fitness centers around here but celebrity fitness

Anonymous said...

Celebrity fitness

Emily said...

It seems like a lot of people are bummed about this merger. Hopefully Celebrity Fitness will realize what needs changed to accommodate it's new members.

Julie Lim said...


Yes a lot of ppl are not happy with the merger. But I don't think Celebrity Fitness is doing anything to rectify their mistakes. It won't be long before their members start dwindling.

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