Friday, 9 October 2009

My First Time in a Mix-Dorm

During my time in Bath, I stayed at the Bath Backpackers Hostel on Pierrepont Street, which is a stone's throw from the bus station.

I stayed in the cheapest dorm there - the mix dorm with 10 fellas in one room. Costs me 13 quid a night.

I have stayed in an all-female dorm before and this was my first time in a mix-dorm. So I was expecting farts and snores from the guys.

True enough, there were snores during the first night. On the second night the snoring continued and some farts were also heard. I couldn't tell if the snorer and the farter were the same person.

But the most interesting thing is what these guys wore when they slept.

Since these fellas were sleeping in the company of ladies, I thought they would be dressed decently. But no ... they slept only in their undies. John said I was lucky they even had undies on.

My first encounter with a guy in undies happened when I went to the dorm to retrieve some stuff. Nobody was there when I entered save for this middle age guy who had just checked in. We spoke briefly and he asked if I'm from China. He's from The Netherlands.

My back was facing him as we were talking. When I turned around, he had already stripped down into a pair of dark blue undies. And while still talking, he nonchalantly got into bed and pulled the covers to his chin to get ready to sleep, as if though he was born to strip in front of stranger ladies.

I was surprised he didn't have the decency to cover up. But I guess that's how guys dress when they sleep in dorms in Europe. They don't give two hoots about who's around them.

Heck, I wish I could sleep in undies only. Less clothes used would mean less trips to the laundry and more money saved.

So If you are a female sleeping in a mix-dorm for the first time, expect snores, farts and half-naked men.


juphelia said...

I was staying in a mix dorm in Taupo, New Zealand. Even the toilet is unisex. So when I was brushing my teeth at night in the bathroom, a naked guy just walked in. I was wonodering if he actually went down the hall to the bathroom like that! He didn't even want to close the shower door when he started showering! And he tried to get fresh with me. So I totally ignored him and went off to my room. Luckily I only needed to stay one night there and went off to the next destination the next morning!

AudMraz said...

Hehe, the perils of staying in a mixed-dorm. Yeah, the guys usually sleep topless, always in boxers, come to think of it.

In Singapore, there was this cute guy who looks like he was staying there long term. Every morning, he just jumps out of bed at 9 am and puts on his long sleeved shirt, pants and tie, ruffles his hair and goes out for the day with his backpack. I hope he packed his toothbrush! Found out later when we chatted that he was a Irish med-student doing his internship at a hospital nearby :)

Julie Lim said...


I can't stop laughing when I read your comment :-) You must gotten a shock of your life!

The guy must have thought he was in his own house to walk around naked. And he must think he's God's gift to women to get fresh with you. Good that you ignored him!

Julie Lim said...


I wouldn't want to be near that Irish med-student anytime of the day! Did he bring lots of deodorant with him? Hahaha.

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