Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mt Bromo - Awesome Landscapes at 2,329 Metres

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After getting our arses back into the jeep, we were on the road again. This time we headed back down Mt Penanjakan and across the plains to the foot of Mt Bromo.

Soon we arrived at about 7.00am and the driver parked the jeep together with the other jeeps.

Despite having no proper parking lines, the drivers parked the jeeps in an orderly way.

It was really hot by then and I removed 3 layers of clothing and left 'em in the jeep. It was a good decision cause going from zero degrees to about 30 degrees is a toil on anyone's body. Another traveller in our group climbed up Mt Bromo with all her 5 layers of clothing, and she felt dizzy as she climbed down the stairs due to the heat.

The driver gave us only an hour to get our arses to the crater and back cause 4 of us in the group needed to catch buses to our onward destination at 9.30am.

There were many horses and their Masters waiting for customers. The horses will take you to the steps of Mt Bromo and back for IDR100,000 a horse. Putting 2 fellas on one horse to save money is not allowed.

As we started walking, a few of the Masters approached us, but we refused to take any horse cause:

1) we pity the horses having to carry our weight all the way.
2) we are fit and healthy to walk. I don't know why, but almost every tourist of Chinese descent chose to ride the horse. Are Chinese people that lazy and unfit to walk? Tsk tsk tsk ...

Horses and Masters waiting for customers. At the back is Mt Batur which looks so much clearer now without the mist.

When we refused the horses, some of the Masters followed us in case we capek (get tired) along the way and decide to take the horse. The price will of course reduce accordingly.

Master and horse following me in case I get tired half way.

Since we only had one hour, we started walking briskly on the Sea of Sand.

Soon we reached The Poten, a Tenggerese Hindu temple. You can't possibly miss it cause it's along the path to the steps of Mt Bromo and it's huge.

The Poten. In the background you can already see the white smoke billowing from the crater of Mt Bromo.

As we reached the steps, I turned back to see how far we've walked, and oh my ... it really seems so far away. Deep down inside it felt like a sense of achievement to have walked that far.

Chinese tourists riding horses to the steps of Mt Bromo. I think some of these Chinese buggers will even pay the locals to carry them up the stairs. By the way, the row of mountains in the background is Mt Penanjakan or the Viewpoint where we were earlier.

Horses and their Masters waiting for their customers. In the background are the steps that leads to the crater.

The final leg of the journey is the flight of steps right up to the crater.

Stairway to the crater. 

Everyone who makes it to the top were panting and sweating profusely. Reducing my layer of clothing was indeed a good decision!
After catching our breath, it was time to explore the place.
I looked down into the crater and I thought it was not that remarkably impressive after all.
You mean I climbed all the way for this ???

However, the magnificent landscapes were awesome!

Apart from the landscapes, the local folks amazes me.

Take a look at this lady who earns her living by selling water and other stuff to travellers. She travels daily from Cemoro Lawang to the peak of Mt Bromo with a huge sack of stuff that she carries on her back up Mt Bromo, daily.

Take a look at some of the stuff she carries on her back up Mt Bromo, daily. And those Chinese tourists can't even make the walk once!

It really puts life into perspective.


Anonymous said...

cool pix! and great advice!

as for the Chinese tourists, have you considered that they are providing employment for the masters and their horses?
don't be so hard on them :)

Jard The Great said...

just came back from here last two weeks! awesome experience!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Jard the Great,

Yes it was an awesome experience indeed!

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