Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shopping in Syria

I told myself not to buy anything in Syria cause it would be a hassle to carry so many stuff home. Moreover I was on a tight budget and I don't usually carry much cash for shopping whenever I travel.

But the local stuff were so pretty, I couldn't resist the urge. So thanks to my friends, Visa and Mastercard, take a look at some of the stuff I bought from Syria:

Table cloth (SYP 400) from a souq in Aleppo.

These cushion covers reminds me of Christmas :-) Bought 'em for SYP 200 each from Husam al-Khouli Oriental Arts & Forklore that's located in the Old City of Damascus. Apparently the design is based on the Azem Palace.

Bought this approximately 70-year-old carpet from a shop called Scheherazade Oriental Handicrafts in Souq al-Hamidiyya in Damascus. I can't reveal the price in case my mum is reading this, she'll complain that I should have given her the money instead of spending it on a carpet. Typical Chinese mother ...

I don't know what to call it, but what do you think about this cup set? Bought it from the same shop as the carpet and this set's as old as the carpet too. Uthman the shop owner gave me a good discount for both items. Sometimes I wonder why am I buying old stuff ...


A set of 6 coasters for SYP 100 only. Again, I bought it from one of the shops in the Old City. If you're a shopoholic, the Old City may just charm you into shopping till you drop cause there's lots to see and buy. 

Rosaries (SYP 200 each) made from olive seeds. These were bought from the Chapel of St Ananias in the Christian Quarter of the Old City in Damascus. 

Wooden inlaid box with Arabic inscription, "God Bless Our Home". Bought it for SYP 300 from a shop in the Christian Quarter of the Old City in Damascus. Sorry for the blurred photo.


khengsiong said...

What form of Christianity the Christians in Syria practice? I suppose it is older than Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox.

aud said...

Eh, that's all kah? where are the Turkish tiles? :)

Julie Lim said...

Kheng Siong,

I think it's safe to say there are mainly 3 forms of Christianity in Syria:
1) Greek Orthodox
2) Syriac Orthodox
3) Eastern Catholic

Amongst all of these churches, I'm not sure which one is the oldest.

Julie Lim said...


The Turkey coasters were not authentically Syrian, so I figured I should not add them here :-)

FWD said...

julie - loooooovvvveeeee the carpet! cantik! so as the cup set.

Julie Lim said...


Cantik kan? That's why I bought them :-)

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