Friday, 18 March 2011

Where Have I Been?

My last blog post was on Valentine's Day and you must be thinking I had disappeared from the face of the earth. So here's what happened to me.

Just after Chinese New Year I fell ill. My fever did not go down for 5 whole days! I did not have any appetite and felt like throwing up everytime I ate. Finally on the 5th day of my ordeal, I forced myself to eat nasi kandar and the fever was gone. No kidding!

However, the nauseas feeling and lack of appetite still remained. I was incredibly weak and this lasted for the next couple of weeks. I lost a lot of weight as a result.

I did not have the energy and passion to work, to blog or to do anything. i struggled to get to work everyday. In the evening when I returned home I'd just lie on the sofa till it's time to go to bed.

All my freelance writing projects became stalled. One Editor was already breathing down my neck and another client threatened to look for another writer.

Now that I have regained my health and completed a writing project, I'm all ready to revive this blog!


Anonymous said...

Haha... I haven't been posting a lot lately too. I have drafted lots of posts but haven't posted up because I have been too swarmed with work and studies, especially since my office now blocks almost all websites. But come end March with more focus and better management, I'm ready to revive and go on again, starting with all the drafts I've saved!

Julie Lim said...


I too have many half-written post saved in my dashboard. So it's only a matter of time when I sit down and complete them.

Tell me about blocking websites. My office has blocked all social media websites. This means no FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Imagine a Corporate Communications person having to work in an environment with no social media. With the proliferation of social media, this is 3 steps behind. Maybe it's time for me to get a smartphone ...

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