Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Angkor Wat vs Petra

Having visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Petra in Jordan, I couldn't help asking myself which one I like more. Reason is because both ancient wonders share similar characteristics like ancient monuments and temples that leave traces of the great civilisations they once were.

If you're not sure what's Angkor Wat and Petra, here they are:

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Petra in Jordan

Both are equally breathtaking, huh?

Looking at the photos I couldn't help reminiscing the time I stepped foot onto the grounds of Angkor Wat and Petra for the first time. Being physically present in those places just blew my mind.

I also came up with this comparison table:

Having looked at the photos, reminisced my experiences and comparing both places from various aspects, I realised I can't decide which I like more because despite their similarities, both Angkor Wat and Petra has its own mesmerising spell that will hook any visitor who steps foot there. It's an exprience that cannot be described in words.

So there you have it - I remain a person undecided.

What about you? Which do you like better - Angkor Wat or Petra?


juphelia said...

Undecided too. Both are equally breathtaking in their own ways. I have not been to either, but definitely I will go both places in the near future as these are the few places I have wanted to go!

Julie Lim said...


Yes, you should go to these places cause they are breathaking in their own way. You'll definitely won't regret it!

ChyH said...

I have been to both, but if you put a gun to my head, Petra gets my vote ;) However, having said that, nothing compares to Abu Simbel, Egypt. My favorite and best vacation to date :)

Julie Lim said...

Hi ChyH,

Looks like we've both been to similar places - Petra, Angkor Wat and Abu Simble :-)

Personally, I think each place is unique in its own place. But I'll always remember how I gaped in wonder at Abu Simble as the sun came up and lighted up the entire temple.

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