Sunday, 16 October 2011

Paris Je t'aime

It's final - I'll be going to France for 2 weeks in November/December. Need to shout it out to the world because getting 2 weeks off seemed almost impossible with the responsibilities I shoulder.

I also consider it an accomplishment to book the return AirAsia X tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Paris-Orly for RM 1,697.40 (includes tax, booking fee, luggage and Skybus). My boss said with prices like that I can go to Paris 3 times a year.

Haven't made any plans yet for the Paris leg but it should include Mona Lisa, Rodin, Eiffel, Orsay and Pompidou amongst others.



Queen of hearts said...

Hi Julie! That's awesome :) I'm looking for a good AA deal to Gold Coast.
I've never been to paris. Have a great trip :) Can't wait to read your blog :)

Leogryph said...

Awesome!!! Wonderful sites you'll see and tres delicious food...

Hopefully the rumors bout a mild winter is going to be true ;)

Anonymous said...

AirAsia flies to Paris for just RM1,697.40 with tax, booking fee, luggage and skybus? Wow.. that is like just half the price in my currency! Now I'm even more motivated to go to Paris!

Anonymous said...

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Julie Lim said...

Queen of Hearts,

You should be able to get a good deal during low seasons, though I'm not too sure when is the low season in the Gold Coast. That's how I got my ultra cheap AirAsia tickets to Paris :-)

Julie Lim said...


Yes I'm definitely looking forward to the food especially escargot and the numerous cheese that Franch is famous for. And creme brulee maybe :-)

It's gonna be winter by the time I get there and will need to layer my clothing.

Julie Lim said...


You Singaporeans have a huge currency advantage, so jealous ...

What are you waiting for? Quickly grab those cheap tickets!

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