Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review: The Palms at Kamala in Phuket, Thailand

I'm currently spending the Chinese New Year hols in Kamala, Phuket. It's also a double celebration as last Thursday was my birthday. Don't ask me how old I am as it's not polite to ask a lady her age ;-)

We're currently staying at The Palms in Kamala, Phuket.

It's a lovely 2-bedroom apartment with a spacious living room with cable TV and wifi ...

... with a nice kitchen where we prepare our breakfast every morning:

The Palms has an inviting pool where you can laze in the sun all day ...

... and also a gym where I burn fat on alternate days:

I was at the gym the other day and one parent brought her toddler daughter to play with the exercise ball while she worked the machines. Luckily I was the only other person in the gym who was working the treadmill. I can imagine if some guy were to use the dumb bells and the little toddler comes near him, the poor little thing may not live to see the next day thanks to her mum with stupid parenting skills.

The Palms also has a Fusion Restaurant where you can pig out on the buffet that's going for 299 THB per person. I didn't take a pic of the restaurant cause I'm too lazy to take photos, must be the Phuket spirit of laziness ...

Another thing I like about The Palms is that it's centrally located in Kamala. Just step out of the apartment and everything is within walking distance.

The beach, restaurants, bars, convenience shops, taxis and what not are all located at the doorstep of The Palms.

The tsunami monument is also located nearby:

During the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, Kamala beach was one of the hardest hit, and this memorial is a remembrance of that horrifying day in history.

The explanation of the sculpture is interested, here, look at this pic:

Click on the photo to read the explanation.

And last but not least, here are rates at The Palms together with contact details and all:

Click on the photo if you can't read the text.

Alternately you can also check out the website here.

Now excuse me I need to get into my bathing suit, laze by the pool and do lots of reading :-)


Queen of hearts said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Sorry for the late wish...

Wow! You're on another vacay again :) ...don't forget to take pics of the beach. Never been to Phuket but I heard the beaches around there is clear and beautiful.

About your gym story, yeah I know...seen it before. I have given another mom that 'stare'. Lol! Kids below 12 shouldn't be in the gym.

Khun phoot phaasa thai dai nit noi ka. I speak little thai.
But my mom can speak in thai very well. Hehe! Sanuk!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Queen of Hearts,

Thanks for the CNY wishes!

Phuket beaches are lovely, can rival that of Malaysia's ;-)

And I totally agree with you that kids below 12 should not be allowed into the gym. But this gym at The Palms caters to tourists and the management would want to make everyone happy and therefore allow kids into the gym for the convenience of the mum.

Anonymous said...

Nice place! Happy belated birthday, by the way! Really a great double celebration!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Juphelia,

Thank you for your wishes :-)

Surin Beach Hotel said...

Phuket is the beautiful place for my dream honeymoon.

I love phuket, I love white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Surin Beach Hotel,

Yes Phuket is complete with sandy beaches, turquoise waters, world class golf courses and a dream destination for weddings and honeymoons.

I will definitely return to Phuket!

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