Sunday, 29 April 2012

Celebrating Sensual Love and Nudity in Paris' Sculptures

The French have a heritage and culture that is renowned for its rich works of art which includes paintings and sculptures.

When I visited Paris in November last year, various statues in Paris' famous museums fascinated me. The attention to detail is amazing like this statue in Versailles:

Look at the folds in the garment. The sculptor who sculptured this statue must have taken the trouble to get every detail correct, right down to the smallest fold in the garment.

Another example of attention to detail is this statue of St Mary Magdalene by G.Erhart at The Louvre:

St Mary Magdalene may stand transfix inside a glass case, but take a look at her hair in the next photo.

Her flowing tresses captured beautifully in wood.

The sculptures in Paris are life like, like this one at The Louvre:

Nudity is common to celebrate the beauty of the human body:

Captive (The Dying Slave) by Michaelangelo.

Sensual love is celebrated in sculptures like Psyche & Cupid by A. Canova at The Louvre:

My favourite sculpture of all time! Read about the meaning of this magnificent work here.

And this work by Auguste Rodin at Musee Rodin:

 The Kiss by Auguste Rodin.

If you're wondering who is Auguste Rodin, click here. One of his most famous work is The Thinker which you most probably have seen somewhere somehow.

The Thinker sits on a pillar in the gardens of Musee Rodin.

Now that we're on the topic of Rodin, here are two explicitly sexual statues at Musee Rodin:

Naked woman squatting.

And the sculpture that made me gasp when I saw it for the first time:

When you visit Paris, remember to look out for these lovely masterpieces that make Paris a true haven for art lovers.


Queen of hearts said...

Very interesting! The first statue is so HUGE. Who is that person? Please excuse my ignorance :}
St Mary's 'hair' is so beautiful but the last sculpture made me cringe. LOL!

Julie Lim said...

Queen of Hearts,

The first statue is as big as a human being. And it looks even bigger because the angle of the camera is from the bottom. I'm not too sure who is the guy though :-)

c'axoera ヅ said...

Nice pics! this really remind me when i was in oslo :) they have a bunch of naked statues heheheh but it awesome!

p/s: abt the fridge magnet, most of my collection I bought it myself during my vacation :)

Anisa said...

We have similar taste in art. Rodin is one of my favorite sculptors. I visited the Rodin Museum in Paris and Philadelphia. I also love the Pschye and Cupid there is just so much passion. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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