Thursday, 30 October 2014

New Camera

Meet my new camera: 

It's a Samsung WB250F.

How I came to posses this camera is an interesting story.

About a year ago, I helped to purchase a ticket for LvH to attend a salsa pool party. Because I have a good luck hand (ahem), I selected a ticket that won him this camera during the lucky draw.

After the party, I told him cheekily a few times that I should have a share in the camera since I was the one who picked the ticket :-)

Now after more than a year, and hardly used at all, LvH finally decided to give me the camera as he's planning to purchase a Canon Powershot G7 X instead.

I've been using my old Canon IXUS 110 IS for the past 5 years or so. And a few months ago the flash started giving off smoke whenever I used it. So this Samsung camera has certainly came in handy at the right time :-)


Vari Sapi Lucu said...

This is one excellent camera. I used to work for Samsung and despite of its unpopular camera selection, I grew to love their android based camera.
I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for my daily blogging and taking pictures in general..I must say, I' m happy with the result and easier to upload.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Vari Sapi Lucu,

I'm just learning to use this camera and everything's been ok so far.

The only thing is that the macro shots are not so clear compared to my old Canon. Hopefully Samsung can improve on this.

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