Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia Mall

During my recent trip to Jakarta, I had the privilege of having a chocolate fix at the Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia mall.

Let me share with you my experience at Magnum Cafe Jakarta.

 Entrance to the cafe.

Red carpet welcome for guests.

This is where the goodies are prepared.

The weekend crowd. 

Since the place was crowded, we walked towards the back where there was an open air dining area ...

I presume this space is for smokers.

... with a marvellous view of the city and its skyscrappers:

After picking a spot where we could admire the views, it was time to order. 

When Angie told me about Magnum Cafe, I was wondering what sort of ice cream desserts would they have. Would it be chocolate and nothing but chocolate? Would they sell fusion stuff? Any savoury food perhaps? My questions was about to be answered here:

This menu holds the key to all chocolate goodness.

This is what we ordered:

Mont St Aubert (IDR 39,000) and Truffle Royale (IDR 39,000)
Mont St Aubert was flat, if you know what I mean. Truffle Royale had more kick.

Antwerp Petite (IDR 45,000)
The combination of chocolate on the belgian wafer was good. 

To give a savoury taste to our chocolate drinks and the Antwerp Petite, we ordered a pizza:

Au Poulet (IDR 55,000). 
As a lover of thin crust pizza, this certainly agrees with me. The chicken, tomato sauce and melted cheese brings the whole pizza together nicely. I'm glad we ordered this.

Magnum Cafe also sells chocolate goodies like these:

 Good to buy as gifts.

I like the words on this frame:

After visiting Magnum Cafe in Jakarta, I was wondering why no one had opened one in KL. And now after about 2 months since my trip to Jakarta, Magnum Cafe is now in Mid Valley Megamall. Talk about coincidence!

I will certainly go to the Mid Valley outlet, but only after a few months when the the crowd has died down.


Vari Sapi Lucu said...

do u know as Jakartan all my life, I have not visited Magnum Cafe?!...hahahahaha it's a shame. I might have taken it for granted!.
Apparently the one in Grand Indo is bigger than in Pondok Indah Mall, hmmm..nice terrace view too!.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Vari Sapi Lucu,

There's a saying that the people who live at the foot of the mountain are usually the last to climb it, LOL.

Anyway, when I was in Jakarta beginning October this year, the Magnum Cafe in Pondok Indah Mall was either under renovation, or not opened yet. That's why we went to the Grand Indonesia outlet :-)

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