Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mulu Park - New Website and Price Increase

Mulu Park has got a new website.

I discovered it recently when I was planning a trip to the park for LvH who wants to tick this World Heritage site off his bucket list before he returns to his home country for good. For me, it will be my second time at the park.

The Mulu Park website is now more organised with loads of information. Everything you need to know about the park can now be easily navigated.

Tours & Activities

I personally found the Tours & Activities page the most informative especially in deciding which tour/activity is suitable for me, my level of fitness and capabilities. For example, I can't do some of the underground cave tours that require swimming as I'm not a strong swimmer. 

It's also possible to book selected tour(s) through the website. It is important to do this prior to your trip because tours get booked up quickly especially during peak seasons. 

During my last trip to the park, I didn't do the Garden of Eden Valley Walk because it was fully booked by the time we got there. This time I'm going to book early and do it! 

The website also states the price for each tour/activity which makes it easy to plan especially how much cash to bring. You may pay using credit card, but there's a surcharge. And remember, there're no ATMs at Mulu Park.

Booking of Accommodation

Another improved feature of the website is that accommodation can now be booked online. 

When I booked the dorm in December 2013, I had to call up the park office followed by an email. So much hassle.

This time around it's much easier. After placing my booking through the website, I received an email with instructions to make a RM200 deposit to the park's RHB bank account in order to secure my booking. We pay the balance of the payment upon check-in.

After making the deposit, I emailed them the bank-in slip and subsequently received a confirmation email that I'm supposed to print and bring with me when I check-in. It's as simple as that.

Increase in Price

With a new website, comes new prices (as of January 2015).

When I visited Mulu Park in December 2013, a trip to Deer & Lang Caves was RM20 per person. The price is now RM30 per person. That's an increase of 50% in about 1 year - which is way higher than the average inflation rate of 3.7%!

Accommodation rates have also increased. Dorm rates used to be RM41 per bed per night in December 2013. It is now RM50 per bed per night. 

Thank heavens the 5-day pass for Malaysian Adults remains at RM15!

Prices will increase over time in tandem with inflation. However the huge increase in prices at Mulu Park in such a short span of time is relatively exhorbitant.

Most travellers are first timers there and have limited knowledge to other economical options like opting for homestays near the park. Therefore they have no choice but to go with whatever is available at the park, rates included. And it's always inhibiting when there are no options.

I understand that it's quite costly to bring in groceries and other necessities to the remote park. Thus the high transportation cost is passed on to the traveller. But the park management needs to take into consideration that oil prices have fallen recently to the extend that some airlines have abolished their fuel surcharges.

With these recent developments, I hope the management of Mulu Park will consider lowering its prices. Or if they are unable to do so, then hopefully these prices will remain for a long time to come.


Jibie Jipp said...

Oh gosh, increase in prices everywhere. I don't think this is good news because I remember how I felt it was quite expensive when I went there last time even though I slept in the dorm. Planning to go there again this year and do more of the carving especially in the underground passage which requires license. I hope the quality of service matches the increase of prices.

bookatitle said...

Thanks for the information! A few friends and I are currently planning a trip to Mulu :)

May I ask, does the pass (i.e. 5 day pass) have any other function besides indicating how many days you're allowed to stay?
Also, do you know or remember the prices for the caving activities? They're not indicated on the website. Only the packages are listed with prices.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Bookatitle,

The 5-day pass' only function is to indicate how many days the wearer is allowed to stay.

Prices for the caving activities are available in the Mulu Park website, link here: http://mulupark.com/tours-activities/

Enjoy your trip!

bookatitle said...

Hi Julie,

Ah, okay. Thanks lots! :)

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