Monday, 11 September 2017

Fridge Magnets from Japan

Today I would like to share with you the fridge magnets that I bought from Japan when I was there in June.

First, the flags ...

Left: Japan flag (JPY 300)
Right: Rising Sun flag (JPY 450)

Before I went to Japan I was hoping to find a magnet map of Japan, and I was delighted when I found this pretty one in Dotonrobi, Osaka:

Price: JPY 540 

The blue map of Japan certainly compliments the map of Hokkaido given to me earlier by a friend ...

Since my sister collects food shaped magnets, I bought her this:

Looks like a real shrimp sushi. Price: JPY 1,188

I also bought a 2-way magnet of pretty geishas for Celia:

A single magnet with two different images. Price: JPY 400

Since we're on the topic of fridge magnets, here are two photos of pretty magnets I found in the shops:

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