Saturday, 4 October 2008

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary – A Complete Waste of Time!

There’s only one phrase to describe the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary – utter disappointment!

After seeing publicity and photos of the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, I thought it would be a nice place to visit during the Raya holidays.

But how super disappointed we were, especially after all the trouble we took to reach the damn place. For your information, the place is located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and toll charges were RM10.80 one way. So it was a complete waste of time, petrol and toll charges. But luckily we came on the second day of Raya, cause the place was closed on the first day.

The place looked deserted when we arrived. The carpark was full of stones because tar works were being carried out.

We registered at the office

and were disappointed that tickets for activities with the elephant were already finished. We could only visit the elephants.

We then started venturing into the sanctuary. There were only 6 elephants in the enclosure and 1 baby elephant in the other enclosure having a time of its life eating sugarcane. One of the baby elephant’s hind leg was shorter than the other legs. Must have been injured so they had to amputate it. Poor thing …

The only thing interesting was watching the antics of what we believed to be a male trying to mount a female.

And when he did not get what he wanted, he was smashing a rock using his trunk.

Men …

Apart from that, there was NOTHING else in the sanctuary. Feeding time was at 2.00pm, but we didn’t bother to wait 2 hours.
It would have been ok if there are other places to go and kill time, but the place has nothing to see and do apart from the office, worker’s quarters, ringside, elephant enclosure and mini man-made river where you can bathe the elephants and ride them. This is the river where the elephants will fall into the water and you’ll get wet too. Ang mohs love this …

Apparently we were not the only ones disappointed because we could hear many exclamations of disappointment around us.

So if you decide to visit the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, please think 100 times before you go.


Sree said...

what did the female elephant do when she did not get what she wanted? she would have gone amok!
would travel 100miles away from that sanctuary,thanks.

Julie Lim said...

She didn't do anything. I think she was not in the mood, lol !!!

Lady Patsy said...

Hey woman, Guess you should have made that trip to College General for their celebrations instead. Seeing those "creatures" would have been more fun! Ha ha ha

Julie Lim said...

Lady Patsy,

Yu've got a point there, but we can't see those 'creatures' mate, now can't we? Lol

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