Saturday, 6 December 2008

My First French Storybook

I received my first French storybook - Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery last week. (Note: Le Petit Prince means The Little Prince).

Why Le Petit Prince? Cause my French teacher recommended it. Apparently the French version is better than the English translation (for those who are bilingual in both languages). Moreover it's not difficult to read for beginners.

I had placed an order for this book with the Times Bookstore in Pavilion. A wait that was supposed to take bout 2 months took 5 months instead. After enquiring numerous times at the bookstore only to receive stupid excuses like there was a delay in shipment, wrong version was sent, etc. I finally received it.

The feeling of owning my first French storybook is unusual after owning English books all this while. Le Petit Prince would look odd sitting on my bookshelf with its other 'English speaking friends'. But I'm planning to buy more French storybooks soon. Then Le Petit Prince won't be so lonely anymore.


Nameless said...

May I know the procedure to order a book through the book store? They will help to order whatever book that we want? And is there any extra charge? I wish to buy those books in french also but could not find any in Malaysia.. =(
Merci beaucoup!

Julie Lim said...

Bonjour Nameless,

You would need to go in person to the bookstore to order, make sure you have the ISDN number too.

Major bookstores like Times, MPH and Kinokuniya generally can help order any book you want, but the waiting time may be long.

Good luck!

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