Thursday, 31 December 2009

4 Items You Must Have in a Hostel

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of having these 4 items when staying in a backpackers hostel.

Item 1: Slippers or Flip-Flops
Always use a pair of slippers whenever you bathe in the common shower or when going to the loo. In these places which are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry staying in the hostel, you'll never know what's on the floor. So a pair of slippers would provide adequate protection for your feet.

If you've invested in a pair of good quality slippers, you could also wear them while gallivanting about.

Item 2: Plastic bags
Eventhough we're encouraged to reduce the use of plastic for the sake of the environment, I carry plastic bags of various sizes whenever I travel. I use these bags to keep my things dry whenever it rains, for storing dirty clothes, for sending clothes to the laundry and even to wrap my shower gel and shampoo in case of spillage.

But the most important use of a plastic bag is in the shower. Most common showers in hostels do not have hooks to hang clothes and toiletries. Even if they have hooks, it may not be enough.

With a plastic bag, I just dump in my towel, new change of clothes, toiletries, etc. and hang the bag on whichever hook, shower handle, door knob, etc. that I can find. Easy isn't it?

Item 3: Ear plugs
When you sleep in a dorm with one hundred and one other fellas who fart, snore and creak the bed whenever they turn or whenever they get up to go to the loo, ear plugs would come in handy.

Some inconsiderate dorm mates may even speak at the top of their voices and ear plugs are a good way to shut these fellas out from your head.

Item 4: Eye pads
When some insensitive idiot comes back in the middle of the night and switches on the dorm light because he can't find his way to the bed, you'll be glad you have your sleeping eye mask on.

To save money, you can get sleeping eye masks free of charge on your flight. But don't expect it on budget airlines.


aud said...

Yes, long live the selipar! A definite must-have for hostels. And I agree with you on the plastic bags, I bring a few with me on every trip.

Julie Lim said...


Selipar dan plastic bag boleh!

Hahahaha ...

Brad Farless said...

A plastic bag proved invaluable at the last hostel we were at in Kuala Lumpur. There were plenty of shower hooks and even a rack for setting things on but... I only trust my and my wife's hygiene and cleanliness. Who knows if someone spit on that?

This is a good list. We tend to get a private room, rather than staying in the dorm, but even so ear plugs could be helpful.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Yes we tend to doubt the cleanliness and hygiene in common areas because we never know who has done what there!

And I guess being a married couple, it would make more sense to get a room for privacy sake rather than the dorm :-)

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