Monday, 21 December 2009

My Favourite Marriage Proposal Line

I'm sure you've heard and read about how some guys proposed to their girlfriends.

The unimaginative ones do it the old fashion way by getting down on one knee with ring in hand before popping the question. The creative ones think of ways to make the event a memorable one.

My god daughter's husband proposed to her whilst playing Hangman. While into the game, one of the sentences he asked her to guess was, "Will You Marry Me?"

When she realised that the sentence was a marriage proposal, my god daughter burst out crying. It was super romantic and ingenious!

Ok so the guy can think of creative ways to pop the question. But I think what he says to the girl to ask her for her hand in marriage is also important. So what is your favourite marriage proposal line?

Mine is:

"(Girl's full name), for all that you are, and for all that you are not, would you be my wife?"

I love this proposal line because it shows that the guy acknowledges and accepts everything about the girl - her strengths and her weaknesses, her beauty and her ugliness. And despite all her imperfections, he still wants to marry her.

Isn't that something so beautiful in a relationship?

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