Sunday, 12 June 2011

Travellers Are Ambassadors

Do you realise that whenever you travel, you're being an unofficial ambassador for your country? The way you behave will give an impression on what sort of people come from your country.

Take a look at this picture:

Photo taken at Bath Backpacker's Hostel in England.

Eventhough the poster above was created in jest, it just goes to show that people are indeed observing the way people from certain countries behave.

It is also important to be hospitable towards tourists in your own country. These tourists may have approached you for direction or travel tips, and the way you treat them will give an impression on what sort of people your country has.

I myself have given directions to many tourists who have approached me for help. And if I happen to be going the same way, I would bring them personally to their destination so that they won't get lost. I hope my efforts have created a good impression that Malaysians are friendly and helpful :-)

As a traveller who has travelled reasonably wide and met people from different nationalities along the way, I have met people from various countries who have shaped my impression (positive and negative) of them. For example, I think Syrians are extremely friendly and hospitable; and the Vietnamese are so rude and dishonest that I'll never return to Vietnam again unless it's a matter of life and death.

So you see, it's important to behave properly whenever you travel and to treat travellers well because you are an impression of your own country.


JIPP said...

LOL! While the signboard was meant to be a jest, some of them are quite true but mostly not really lah. I don't think New Zealanders would bring their sheeps all the way to Bath. :-D And speaking of talking loudly, I think they should put Chinese there instead of Americans. Hehe.

Julie Lim said...

Totally agree with you about the Chinese! They tend to talk at the top of their voices which can be irritating.

I also agree with the signboard that the Japanese tend to say "sorry" numerous times. I think it's guilty conscience because of what their forefathers did during WWII. But the current generation are a bunch of good people. They may keep to themselves because of their poor command of English, but generally they are friendly and honest.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am rather ashamed of my own country men. Wherever they go, they want to get the cheapest and best bargains and have no qualms bargaining and bargaining to the poor vendor who was just trying to do business. And they talk loudly, are late and then expect everyone to wait for them. Plus they complain and compare about everything under the sun. Sometimes when I go on tour, I hang my head in shame when I come across people like these, and you can definitely spot where they come from!

Julie Lim said...


Since the Chinese have a reputation of being loud and consistently looking for bargains, I do not behave as such to avoid damaging further the reputation of the race. Taking care of branding, as some may say :-)

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