Sunday, 26 June 2011

Looking for a Ping Pong Show in Phuket

I've always wanted to see a Ping Pong Show after hearing the stunts those girls could do with their pelvic muscles a.k.a. vagina.

When I was in Phuket last month, I made it a point to look for a Ping Pong Show, and found it on Bangla Road where the nightlife of Phuket is.

This is Bangla Road in the daytime. At night it turns into this:

Girls rubbing themselves on poles, much to the delight of male customers ;-)

We saw many guys standing along the road holding laminated A4 paper with a list of shows available. We approached one of them and he brought us to a nightclub that looked like this:

The place was dark when we entered. There were a mix of men and women in the audience who were seated around the stage. Some were seated on cocktail tables a little towards the back. A few girls were performing completely naked on stage.

We took our seats, paid the entry fee of THB 800 which includes one drink, and I was excited!

I wish I could show you photos but photography is strictly prohibited in the area. My travel partner whipped out her camera to snap a photo of our drinks and the bouncer immediately told her to put it away.

Soon the real performers came on stage and the show began.

Unlike the previous performers who performed in extremely tiny bikinis or in the nude, these Ping Pong Show performers were fully clothed. They wore sleeveless tight fighting tops with a wrap around mini, mini skirt with nothing underneath of course. And when they performed, you can't see their privates, unless maybe if you're sitting at the foot of the stage where you have a visual advantage.

The stunts they could do with their pelvic muscles includes:
(a) blowing a dart from a straw to burst a balloon.
(b) pulling a string of razor blades out from it; and
(c) shooting a ball into the air.

Makes me think that the vagina is indeed an underestimated body part.

During the show, a few guests were called on stage to assist the performers. All of them cringed when asked to touch items that have made contact with these ladies' vaginas. I couldn't help laughing!

So I returned from Phuket with another "been there, done that" ticked off my list.


JIPP said...

Haha. It's something that everybody should watch at least once.

Julie Lim said...

Yes, at least once!

Anonymous said...

Check me out..

Anonymous said...

check me out @

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