Saturday, 3 April 2010

Losing and Finding My Car Keys in A Week

Not long ago, Angie, Esther and I went hiking in Bukit Gasing, our usual hiking venue.

Halfway through the hike I reached into my pockets to feel for my car key. It's a habit to assure myself that everything is where it's supposed to be.

My heart almost stopped when I could not find the key. After rummaging around, I discovered that my pocket had a hole in it. Fark! I swore to burn the pants when I reached home!

After completing the trail, the three of us took the path that led us back to where we came from so that we can find my key. What angelic friends I have!

Unfortunately 3 pairs of eyes could not locate it. Angie then offered to send me back to my mum's place in Port Klang to get the spare and collect my car back from Bukit Gasing.

Whilst in Port Klang, I treated Angie to bak kut teh (herbal pork soup) for lunch. Whenever I have guests coming from outstation, I'll definitely bring them to try this Klang-mari delicacy.

The next Saturday, I didn't join the gals hiking cause I had something to do.

Mid-morning I received an sms from Angie saying that she had found my key! To make sure, she asked me to describe it. And confirm it was my key!

Apparently someone found it and hung it at the entrance of Bukit Gasing like this:

She also met the guy who found it. He's a regular there and must have super sharp eyes to have seen my key amongst the greenery. My appreciation to him!

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