Thursday, 8 April 2010

Malaysians Who Know Nothing About Malaysia

Chris was down in KL for a holiday and I brought him to Little Penang Cafe in KLCC for some Malaysian food.

After that we headed to Hard Rock Cafe to meet up with my friend Sue. When we got there Sue was sitting with two other girls whom I've never seen before.

The two girls started asking about Chris - who is he, what's he doing in KL, what he does for a living, etc. I've never seen these pussies before, but at the rate they were interrogating us, I thought they were going to ask how many times I fark Chris in a day.

Then one of the girls who was heavily made up, dressed sexily and looked high maintenance asked where did we go before landing in Hard Rock Cafe.

When I told her I brought Chris to Little Penang Cafe because I wanted him to try some Malaysian food, Ms High Maintenance confidently said I should have brought him to try Nasi Padang cause it's a Malaysian dish.

I couldn't believe my ears!

Looks like under all that exterior, Ms High Maintenance ain't that bright after all. I thought she was a complete bimbo for not knowing her own kind of food. And I hate it when people think they are smart when they are actually airheads.

So I said, "Nasi Padang is from Indonesia lah ..."

And she said, "Oh yeah ..." and then became silent for awhile. Soon she moved towards the bar to rub herself against some guy.

Nasi Padang is authentically Indonesian, bimbo!

After that incident it occured to me that there may be tourists coming to Malaysia and meeting up with their Malaysian friends hoping to learn about the country. But what if their Malaysian friends know next to nuts about the country and provide wrong information to their foreign friends, like that bimbo I met in Hard Rock Cafe.

If Chris had been her friend, he would have gone back to Austria thinking that Nasi Padang is a Malaysian dish!

I have also personally witnessed a tourist asking a Malaysian girl on the Putra LRT which station should he get off if he wants to get to Chinatown. The stupid girl just shrugged her shoulders and the tourist turned away in frustration.

As a person who loves knowledge, I cringe thinking about the blatant ignorance of Malaysians about their own country, and not to mention, at the growing number of bimbos.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are many Singaporeans who are totally ignorant about their own country and are just as bimbotic too. Similarly these people occur everywhere. When I was in NZ, there were people who lived in the South Island all their lives and did not even know where Auckland is!

Julie Lim said...


New Zealanders who don't know where Auckland is on the map can be forgiven. But if they don't know that Auckland is a place in New Zealand, then that's being worst that a bimbo!

aud said...

I told a male friend that there are smart girls who pretend to be bimbos, because the guy they're chatting with is one!(I mean the male equivalent. What do we call them?) Some men can't handle smart girls :)

Julie Lim said...


I think any smart girl who pretends to be a bimbo just because the guy she's chatting with is one, ain't that smart after all. Just my 2 cents worth ... :-)

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