Sunday, 11 July 2010

Irritating Adverts in Female Magazine

When I bought the July issue of Female to my dismay there was this irritating advert sticking out from its sides (again!).

These adverts makes it difficult to hold the mag and difficult to turn the pages, especially if you're reading the mag while holding it up and not spread on a table. It's an advertising faux pas in the truest sense.

So this is what I did:

Without the irritating adverts my beloved mag is more reader friendly now :-)

Message to Female team: Adverts that stick out the sides of magazines makes it difficult for the reader. Please drop it.


Caffenny Tan said...

YES..! I hate those side ad that sticks out too! LOL :D Just like you, I cut them out..and never buy the products, lol..

Julie Lim said...


That's exactly why the mag people should not put any adverts on the sides. People just cut them off without even looking at it, let alone buy the product. It completely defeats its purpose!

Anonymous said...

The same goes here. Be it Her World, Female or Cleo, there are also adverts sticking out at the side which makes it hard to hold it up to read when I'm travelling.

Julie Lim said...


I too usually bring along mags to read on long journeys. But with these irritating adverts sticking out by the side, it would be better to bring a book instead.

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